by Ritika Upmanyu

Grades | Strengths | Hobbies !

In this competitive world, the main concern of average parents is to ensure that their child does well in school. The education system replaced the student’s intelligence and strengths with the name of grades in which “A” means excellent and “F” means failure. While growing up, the society had taught us that in order to get a good job, we needed to obtain good grades. According to them, the number of “A” grades we score will decide our intelligence. School is competitive and stressful and not everyone gets “A” grades and then the weight of not achieving it bring us down. It reduces the morale and confidence of a student.

In the hustle- bustle of getting good grades, people forgot the difference between grades and intelligence. Grades measures our intelligence in school while intelligence measures our performance in life. The test of life is way more difficult than the test of school material. But unfortunately, people have started relating both of the terms, they think that if they don’t get good grades their life will become useless and meaningless but its actually not true because life is what we make through our hard work, intelligence and skills but not only which we discover through grades. Agreeing with the fact, that yes grades do matter for better future but that doesn’t mean they will itself become our future.  If you are facing failures, that means you are trying and if you keep trying without giving up you will definitely achieve success.

Everyone has something unique in them which differentiate them from others. Grades are not the strengths of a person. We can’t judge one’s intelligence or skills on the basis of their grades. Everyone has different field of interests, some are good at academics whereas some are in extra- curricular activities. There is no point of loosing self confidence if we are lacking grades. Grades can’t show every amazing quality we have.

Do grades define an individual strength’s?

If we analyze the situation, most of the people agree with the statement that yes grades do! But if we analyze another aspect grade can’t show every amazing quality we have, the strengths of person. Everyone has strengths. Strengths are the biggest pillar of life which make an individual strong. Knowing and working with strengths will help us to be successful and stay motivated.  Strengths not only involves skills or innovation but also the personal characteristics features like leadership quality, decision making, planning, organizing etc.

For example:  if you have leadership quality, you will able to handle your work in more appropriate and organized way and get more opportunities in jobs.

So, in conclusion of this topic I would like to say that grades don’t define us. Those numbers on report cards aren’t the labels on our forehead. We are much more. But we have to start analyzing our strengths and would not let these so-called grades decide our future.

Strengths – way more than grades…….

The new era for hobbies……..

Every person is not the same and different by everything. It is not necessary for everyone to be a scholar or a back bencher. Almost everyone has a special interest inside them for which they happily devote their time and energy. There are some activities for which people willingly adjust their regular and hectic schedule. Such activities are termed as HOBBIES. hobbies are those activities which we love to partake on, just to distract ourselves from the stress of life. Hobbies make us feel relaxed and satisfied even when we are going through some disappointing phrase. Hobbies are of so many types such as singing, dancing, painting, cooking, shopping, collecting stones, cards etc.

But the first question arises of how to develop a hobby or how-to identity them?

In our childhood, there are so many things which we love to do but there are certain activities which make us happy and we were ready to give up any other activity and while doing that one thing we were just completely lost in it. That’s is hobby the things we love, the things which make us feel happy and alive.

The primitive stage of developing a hobby is to make a list of things we love to do in our free time. The activities in which we find our interest, the activities which we value the most, the activities through which we can examine our skills and personality, the activities which excites our passion. If you pay attention to all these points you will successfully able to find your hobby.

Why value hobbies?

Between school, homework and preparing college applications the schedule is packed. From singing to cooking, playing sports to shopping, there is something for everyone. We should value them because they make us creative, innovative and confident. They help us in identifying what we are passionate about. Not only this, they help in releasing stress and enhancing our key skills.

Should hobbies be treated as a subject and taught in schools?

Hobbies are the activities which children do happily, willingly and with more concentration because they are connected with their side of interest. The primitive stage of developing a hobby usually start from school itself because it is the only place where children start learning new things. Schools should take a step forward to promote hobbies as a subject so that students will gain more knowledge about their field of interest and enhance their existing skills. Hobbies make a person creative and innovative. Besides studies, if a student is talented or passionate about extra-curricular activities, he/she will get more success and confidence.

For example:  Nowadays, colleges are also giving admissions on the basis of extra-curricular activities quota which helps bin promoting students’ skills and talent.

There is plus point in every student but the problem arises when he/she is not able to recognize what they love to do. Hobbies not only helps in education purpose but also offers avenue for earning money.

For example: On websites like ETSY, person can sell their handmade jewelries and can earn money.

Those students who have passionate or has a hobby of acting, writing or doing some creative stuff can also have a platform of social networking to showcase their talent.

For example: Nowadays, the social media is helping the generation to develop their skills like tick- tock for those who love acting, mimicking etc.

Those who love writing, sketching, craft and all can post their stuff on Instagram, Facebook and all.

Those who love to make funny videos, v blogs, you tube provides an amazing platform for them to showcase their talent and earn money.

Different person have different hobbies according to their personalities. At the end, I would like to say that the hobbies should be treated as a subject as it plays an integral role in the development of a child. So, every school should pay attention to the hobbies students and give equal importance to their interest along with their studies.

Author – Ritika Upmanyu



  • Aniket Mhatre
    April 1, 2020

    Very well written !

  • Pooja Purohit
    December 31, 2019

    Recently, it’s becoming quite popular among youngsters to follow their instincts and turning their hobbies into career. Still, long way in changing society’s mindset about overemphasizing grades and let students pursue what they really wanted.

  • Maryam
    December 11, 2019

    The fame associated with an A grade is so great in society. It is ingrained in people’s mind. It is time to react against this myth.

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