Psychometric Assessment

Find Your True Strength and Interest

I love maths, but I am not sure about engineering. What are my options?

I am good at drawing and painting. What career can I choose to utilise my talents?

I love photography and want to become a wildlife photographer. What should I study?

Career doubts and confusions are a constant in the lives of young students. “What career is right for me?” is something every student thinks of when deciding a career path. Making the wrong choice right out of high school can lead to loss of valuable time. To ensure you don’t make mistakes, ProTeen has got your back!

ProTeen offers the most reliable and scientifically relevant psychometric assessment to help high school and college students make the right choices at the right time.

ProTeen’s 3D Awareness Engine forms the core of our assessments with its methodology built on parameters of Aptitude, Multiple Intelligences, Personality, and Interests. These factors are combined with scientifically relevant principles to map students’ strengths and interests with their ideal career fit.

Psychometric Insights

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    Interest Areas
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    Personality Traits
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    Multiple Intelligences
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Interest Analysis

Dr. Holland’s Occupational Theme guides students in understanding their area of interest. This can reveal more about who you are and what suits you. It provides the information necessary to make the right career choice.

Multiple Intelligences

Dr. Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences covers different learning abilities. The hypothesis describes various methods by which students learn and absorb information.

Personality Test

The OCEAN model analyses the personality, temperament, and behavioural patterns that people exhibit across various situations.

Aptitude Test

This proprietary aptitude test is designed to measure cognitive abilities and competencies to predict an individual’s future performance.

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