by Subhashini Ramaswamy

Skilling – The New Cool!

“10th grade? Work hard, you’ve to give your boards for the first time.”

“12th grade? You’ve to score well enough to get into a good college.”

“Which stream are you going to choose?”

“Why are you choosing to do a degree that isn’t even minutely related to the stream you’ve pursued in the last 2 years?”


Aren’t these the questions each of us have heard at some point or the other? Haven’t we all been told that once we give our boards, and score more than “Sharmaji’s beta”, life was going to be a smooth sailing one?

Well, guess who’s wrong?

The dilemma begins right after 10th, doesn’t it? The choice of streams we’ve to make, the one that’s in our best interest. And after another 2 years, we’re faced yet again with a similar choice- the choice of a degree that’s going to shape our career and life eventually.

We were told to know our books in and out for board exams because that’s what the papers are based on. One year into college and the one thing I’ve come to realize is that academics is not just about books. Of course, the content we’re required to study does matter, but that’s not ALL that matters.

Wisdom is knowing what to do,

“Skill is knowing how to do it.”

A quote that I believe is apt for today’s generation.

Wisdom and skill are two ingredients that go hand in hand to conjure up a magical wonder. However, the education system and all the norms that revolve around us concentrate on the importance of wisdom, forgetting that skill is what boosts it. We’re taught what to do, but not how to do it. Do want to be put in a situation where we have a plan and still do not have the resources to implement it? I don’t think so.

It’s been predicted that in a few more years, skills are what will make one a prospective employee in the eyes of an employer. Club wisdom to skill and give yourself a “skilling” makeover! Unlock the deadly combination of the two aspects and voila! You’re all good to go! There are no boundaries to the skills you can acquire, do not stop at any point. Make ample use of the resources you’re getting, do not lose on it!

In this 21st century that we’re living in, there is a requirement for skill along with knowledge. Skills that give shape to our knowledge. Skills that develop our personality and make us individuals who are ready for the ever competitive world out there. These skills will serve as our armour in the battlefield, if that’s a way to put it!

This is where ProTeen’s Skilling Certifications comes into picture. These skills are exactly what ProTeen provides us with. A wide variety of certifications and courses, it is one umbrella platform to groom yourself with all the skills you need! From analytical thinking and negotiation to Leadership and people management, you name it and you have it all! It is a one stop destination that provides us with the resources and skills we require to make our mark in today’s world. Not just that, you’ve blogs and vlogs of students and experts that provides you with certain closure.

The App, is definitely one for all of us. A variety of skill based tasks are gamified for every individual to finish at his or her own pace. Through the process, one also acquires skilling, in a non-mainstream, fun way! To add a cherry on the cake, brief sessions with Industry experts to understand the need of these skills is also made available.  You open the doors to a million opportunities and career choices that you can choose from, a lot of them that you’d not even know about. Given enough details, you can analyse and choose the one that suits your interest, all at a few clicks!

Who knew choosing a career and being skilled enough for the same could be made this easy?  ProTeen is the protein we all need to start taking! What say?

And this is exactly why I believe that skilling is an essential in today’s world. Go on folks, don’t limit yourselves to the books that you’re provided with. Dwell deep, explore all that you can, make the best of the plethora of choices and options that come your way! Choose wise, choose ProTeen!

Author – Subhashini Ramaswamy


  • sanskriti savaran singh
    January 28, 2020

    I think other than academics your personality also matters so any other type of activity or hobby helps shapes a person’s attitude towards life.

  • Sandeep Ahirwar
    January 21, 2020

    It is true that skills help you in many ways. The best time to develop or learn a skill is while schooling or when you are in college.

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