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Whether it is picking a study stream or choosing a career, the story of every student is the same. Making a choice today that determines your future and that too at a young age may seem unfair. But the wrong choice can end up weighing you down and leaving you with struggles that may be hard to unwind. To solve this career confusion for today’s students, ProTeen offers a proven solution based on scientific principles and leading research from developmental and cognitive psychology.

ProTeen leverages the power of its 3D Awareness Engine, based on awareness of self, the career landscape, and the right fit. This is coupled with scientifically accurate parameters of Aptitude, Multiple Intelligences, Personality, and Interest. Based on these critical factors, ProTeen provides comprehensive guidance to students in the form of stream and subject choices along with career recommendations. Each recommendation is thorough, detailed, and provides answers for every question that a student might have.

ProTeen’s personalized report with detailed analytics, insights, and recommendations at every stage of a student’s life helps them make the right choices at the right time and provides the optimal foundation on which to build a successful career.

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