Find Your Right Career Fit

8th – 10th Class Students

If you are a student in classes 8th, 9th or 10th, you have just embarked on the most crucial decision-making process of your life. Today’s choice of what to study will pave the way for critical future career milestones. Choosing the right stream today, is therefore, urgent and vital.

Picking the right stream, however, is easier said than done. It’s easy to lose interest and give up on your dreams amongst peer pressure and social influence. The first step to selecting the right subject combinations requires assessing one’s interests, skills, and strengths.

ProTeen’s digital platform and career experts address this need by leveraging ProTeen’s 3D Awareness Engine. This framework is designed to provide a scientific, holistic, and experiential approach to making smart academic decisions.

Awareness of Self

8th – 10th Class Students

A powerful, comprehensive, and fun career assessment engine unlocks your true self based on Interests, Aptitude, Personality, and Multiple Intelligences. Know More

Detailed Analytics & Insights

Extensive analytics with an easy-to-understand interpretation of multiple psychometric parameters helps you become more self-aware.

Awareness of Career Landscape

Career Demos

ProTeen exposes you to 27+ industry clusters and 500+ careers along with detailed insights that you explore from the comfort of your home. Know More

Experiential Role Plays

Experience more than 3000 roleplays and activities to get a real-world understanding of various 21st century careers at your fingertips.

Awareness of the Right Fit

Stream and Subjects Recommendations

Kickstart your career journey in the right direction. Discover your best stream fit along with the right subject combinations. Know More

Comprehensive Report & Roadmap

Get a personalised report and roadmap that covers all aspects of yourself, your academic path, and various tools and measures to become career-ready. Know More

Speak to Career Experts

ProTeen’s Career Experts, backed by technology, will provide unbiased guidance based on your strengths, abilities, and interests. Know More

Why ProTeen for Career Counselling?

ProTeen is the most trusted and advanced career guidance platform for students, helping them make informed academic and career decisions. Powered by ProTeen's 3D awareness engine, our revolutionary career counselling, offered online or in-person, can help discover your ideal career. With our robust technology lineage and science, you can secure your future easily with ProTeen!

  • Backed by Science and Research
  • 1:1 Sessions with Career Experts
  • 500+ Career Demos and Insights
  • Personalized Dashboard & Roadmap


What People Have Said

– Jack Moran,
Reimagine Education Program Manager
"Never before in history has the career market been so difficult for talented young people to navigate. There are more options, more new options, and, in many cases, more skills required to be eligible for those options. In recognition of this challenge, Reimagine Education is proud to recognize and acknowledge projects that have a proven capability to help students achieve greater career success. ProTeen’s platform is one such project. It has been acknowledged by our judges, and commended by our Steering Committee, for its innovative leveraging of gamification-based pedagogy, its emphasis on up skilling students in ways that equip them for 21st Century careers, and its successful integration of multiple different learning experiences. We look forward to its future progress, and commend it as an outstanding example of employ ability-focused educational innovation."
– Sanskriti Singh
Student, St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore
“Proteen, as I discovered later is a website for future planning and career guidance. I think it is a major flaw in our education system that we do not make the students aware of the 'other' choices they have. Proteen takes upon itself to do and has successfully done it. The company caters to the needs of the students and works for their interests.”
– Asha Mangaokar
Chairperson, The NSD Industrial Home For The Blind
“We thank you and your team for conducting 21st century skilling certification program for our blind students. We appreciate your interest in helping our visually impaired students to take advantage of their abilities and choose career accordingly. We are sure that your Web/app Platform would be useful to our blind students for their future endeavors. It is only due to your good wishes and effects rendered by noble minded person like you; this Institution has been able to carry out the above program successfully."
– College Educator
“Only they find destinations, whose wings are alive. Mere wings don't fly, it's confidence that lifts your flight! That flight, that confidence is what you can built with ProTeen!”
– Eshwar Raj
Student, Widia Poornaprajna PU College, Bengaluru
“ProTeen according to me is a new and much needed change in the industry of career guidance. It uses new and innovate techniques to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a student and help them to make correct career related decisions which they won't regret later. Definitely going to recomend ProTeen to my friends and relatives!”

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