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Top 10 career options after 12th (Humanities)

Humanities is an umbrella term for all subjects that are not science, math, or English. It’s an incredibly broad and diverse category of academic fields such as history, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, art, and other similar subjects. As a student, the good news for you is that career opportunities for a Humanities graduate in India include some of the most versatile, diverse, and interesting options around!

If you are creative and innovative, like to solve problems and explore the little details to come up with new ideas, then let ProTeen help you discover the best career options that will help you explore your interests, get excellent job opportunities, and lead a happy life!

1. Psychology

Psychology is a vast subject that encompasses everything from how the brain works to how our memories are shaped to how an individual might behave in a group. Because psychology is concerned with the study of the human mind, it can be applied in a variety of fields, including health, sports, organisations, media, forensics, and so on. After learning the fundamentals of psychology, students can choose from a variety of specialities.

Counsellors, Research Analysts, Clinical Psychologists, Child Psychologists, Career Counsellors, Lecturers/Professors, Life Coaches, Forensic Psychologists, and many other related positions are potential career options available.

2. Law

Any Indian will surely know how prestigious a career in Law is in India. A high-demand profession, lawyers are experts in the country’s legal system and can provide practical guidance to individuals and businesses on a variety of legal issues. Lawyers can assist individuals, businesses, non-profit organisations, and even the government to avoid legal entanglements.

Given the importance of this field, there are numerous options available, including litigation, corporate counsel, legal firms, publishing, and even teaching at law schools. Specialisations also play an important role in a lawyer’s career path , with options such as tax law, intellectual property rights, international human rights, civil law, criminal law, and so on all available.

3. Political science

An increasingly important and globally popular career option , political scientists study the development and operation of political systems, as well as topics such as political decision-making, ideology, and public opinion. They also analyse the operation of governments and public entities.

As a graduate, you could work as a lobbyist, research assistant, political analyst, or even pursue a law degree and practise law. Career options such as diplomats and intelligence specialists are also options.

4. Human resource management

An evergreen career option, the primary concerns of this position are employee recruitment, remuneration, and well-being. Learning what motivates employees and how to make the workplace a better place is a core responsibility for an HR employee. An MBA in HR may lead to a career in human resources management, where you’ll be prepared for a variety of interesting jobs, each requiring a unique set of skills.

Due to the important role HR plays in the running of companies, career opportunities are plenty. Payroll expert, benefits administrator, leadership coach, HR IT specialist, employee relations manager, and HR analyst are only a handful of the Human Resources specialities available.

5. Event management

Those in this field work with specialists such as suppliers, caterers, designers, and others to plan their clients’ most important events. As you organise social and commercial gatherings, your management and organisational skills will be put to use. Many other types of events, such as corporate gatherings and conclaves, sporting events and parties, reunions, festivals, and so on, fall under the umbrella of event management.

Collaborations may include event management companies, non-governmental organisations, public relations firms, hotels/resorts, and so on.

6. Advertising

One of the best creative career options available, this is a field where creativity and imagination are put together to create innovative solutions and answers! Advertising focuses on creating and implementing successful advertising and marketing campaigns, as well as other marketing-related activities, to help businesses achieve their objectives.

If you want to work in a fast-paced, collaborative, and creative environment, a career in advertising may be for you. A degree in advertising or journalism is essential for a job and an MBA can further boost your potential career growth. Career opportunities include graphic designers, social media coordinators, marketing coordinators, content writers etc.

7. Social worker

Those who wish to dedicate their lives to making the world a better place should pursue this career. Social workers may work with a diverse range of people and families to address issues such as poverty, unemployment, and educational attainment. The focus of this work is on people in need of assistance, such as those fighting for their rights, victims of abuse, or those receiving basic sanitation.

As a social worker, you could work with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that serve a variety of target audiences, corporations that practise CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), as well as healthcare facilities (rehabilitation centres).

8. Design 

One of the most creative fields, if you can effectively communicate your thoughts and ideas to others, a career in design may be a good fit for you. Photos, drawings, sketches, and layouts are examples of visual representations that can be used to convey images. Graphic Design, Textiles, Interior Design, Fashion Design, and Product Design are just a few of the many design sub-disciplines.

Career opportunities are extremely diverse and intriguing, depending on the field chosen. Some career paths to consider include interior design, fashion design, leather design, jewellery design, UI/UX design, graphic design, and product design.

9. Mass communication

If Economics was one of your favourite subjects, then a bachelor’s degree in Economics can open up alternative career paths for you! A bachelor’s in economics can be an appealing option for students who want to gain knowledge and skills in understanding the subject’s fundamental concepts and principles. This course covers microeconomics and macroeconomics, econometrics, statistics, economic history, political economy, and other economic subjects, making it a very potent starting point for some of the best job options in the business.

While not a career in itself, a degree in economics will allow a student to explore a diverse range of lucrative career options. Job opportunities include careers as a Banker, Market Analyst, Investment Administrator, Economist, and many other interesting options worth exploring.

10. Hotel management 

Everyone in India has heard of hotels such as Taj, The Lalit, and Le Meridien. But what makes them the best in their respective fields? This is where hotel management comes in. The course offers a thorough understanding of the workings of hotel administration, its environment, and management, essentially all aspects of catering science and a successfully run hotel. The course aims to provide candidates with the skills and knowledge needed to excel at any task in the hospitality industry by combining management theory with hands-on hospitality courses, professional internships, and a business specialisation.

Career opportunities are plenty due to high global demand. Hospitality jobs include roles in hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, trains, resorts, and airlines, among other places. Chefs, hotel managers, event managers, client relations, catering managers, and other positions are available.


As you can see, picking Humanities as a stream opens up a whole world of extremely diverse, interesting, and fun careers. The careers listed here are simply meant to give you an idea of the possible career opportunities that await you. As always, the right answer lies in exploring the career landscape and knowing where your interests and passions lie.

So, if you are a humanities student confused about what you can do or what’s right for you, just head to the ProTeen website and register today ! ProTeen provides personalised guidance that covers everything a young student needs to navigate the modern career world. From helping you discover your true strengths to finding the right career fit for you, and even guiding you to the best colleges available, ProTeen and our career experts are on hand to resolve any queries and guide you to your dream career!


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