by Danush V.U.

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I would like to share my own life experience relevant to the skills. Two years back, in the year 2017, I had just completed my 2nd Pre University Course and had secured 3000 rank in the Karnataka Common Entrance Test examination.

We were asked to choose college according to preferences. That is the time when I became over ambitious and chose RV college of engineering , currently Bangalore’s No. 1 college over Ms Ramaiha, which stands in the second place. What happened after that was purely a lesson. I lost place in both the colleges and entered BMSIT. Yes, BMSIT is an excellent college but I had the chance to get a better one. Had I chosen Ms Ramaiha as my first preference I would have easily got selected.

Recently, when I learnt from ProTeen’s 21st Century Skilling Program that the skill of “Judgement and Decision Making” as well as “Negotiation” are among important skills to survive in the 21st century – I could instantly relate to my 2017 experience.

With the increasing competition in the modern world, ProTeen is educating and helping people – especially students on how to be successful in various fields of work with relevant global skills. One needs to judge what field best suits him /her. You shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover too. A company that appears pale from outside might be a very good developing organization.

It is totally a different feeling to sit and front and lead a team. To be a driver of a group is a special feeling. It should be made a habit rather than to lag behind. A leader gets the entire credit for the hard work of the team since he is the most dedicated person in the group. Coordinating in various activities like college fests and managing people all over the college covers another skill i.e the leadership and people management. Another skill mentioned as social influence and co ordination also comes into picture.

People reading the article should know that ProTeen has played a major role for the gaining of knowledge related to various skills which are vital for the overall career development of a person.

Author – Danush V.U.


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