Career Demos™

Experience Careers from The Comfort of Your Home

Career Demos is a distictive feature of ProTeen and was built to make academic and career journeys experiential and demonstrative with the power of technology. Career Demos breaks the norm of pulling students out of their homes for internships. Instead, ProTeen brings the unfamiliar experience of industry internships within the familiar comfort of students’ homes.

Students can now avoid wasting time and money on unproductive internship experiences. Career Demos can expose you to the realities of various careers from the comfort of your home, at affordable costs.

Experience any career and pick your favourites quickly without having to travel and deal with unnecessary beauracracy of the corporate world. Moreover, with ProTeen your internship plans will never get derailed by lockdowns!

With just the click of a button, get all the answers about what a specific career entails, what would your workday looks like, and all that you can achieve in your chosen particular career path. The platform is designed in a manner guaranteed to provide clear answers to all your doubts, fears, and queries about a career. And if you discover that a specific career path is not for you, you can quickly opt out and choose something else. This engaging and fully digtitally enabled interative process will allow you to make better decisions, faster and more efficiently.

  • Experience, learn, and understand any career without stepping outside your home.
  • Find ideal career options based on your strengths and interests.
  • Get in-depth insights for over 500+ careers
    • Education & skills required
    • Career growth path
    • Salary range
    • Future outlook
    • Pros & cons
    • Top colleges and entrance exams required
  • Experience 3000+ role plays to get a real-world understanding of 21st century careers.
  • 27
    Industry Clusters
  • 500+
  • 3000+
    Role Plays

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