The ProTeen Patron Program

Are you caught in the EdTech storm?
You now have the chance to work
with purpose and reclaim your life
with the ProTeen Patron Program.

The Program

Are you a talented professional who's been burnt out by the EdTech industry?
With many companies prioritising profits over ethics, talented professionals are left
questioning their next steps due to unrealistic targets, unethical business practices, and toxic work environments.

Enter ProTeen

We are motivated by a sincere commitment to helping students in uncovering their true potential and their ideal careers. Our growth and success first lies in the success of our customers – the students. The ProTeen Patron Program is your exclusive opportunity to partner with us, free from the pressures of deadlines and micromanagement. Say goodbye to the 9-to-9 grind and instead, work at your own pace. Enjoy the ability to earn as much as you want to, while also maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

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    Enrolling in the ProTeen Patron Program is completely free and provides access to a toolkit that empowers you to reclaim your career and start making a difference!

    • Get the 21st Century Counselling Handbook for free
    • Enrol in our training program for free
    • Get an attractive 5-user starter pack of ProTeen licenses for free

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The ProTeen Patron Program is a partnership opportunity for talented professionals to move away from the traditional EdTech work environment by offering an alternative work model focused on work-life balance and ethical practices. As a ProTeen Patron, you'll help guide students towards the right fit academic paths and empower them to build fulfilling careers while working at your own pace and earning income through sales.

    This program is designed for professionals who are looking to leverage their EdTech industry experience but are looking for a positive, self-fulfilling, and flexible work environment.

    No, enrolling in the ProTeen Patron Program is completely free. You will receive valuable resources to get started, including the Career Counselling in the 21st Century Handbook, a training program, and a starter pack of 5 free ProTeen licences.

    As a valued ProTeen Patron, you gain exclusive access to our comprehensive training and support program designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to excel in guiding students through their career exploration journey. Here's a detailed breakdown of the training sessions you'll receive as part of our Patron Onboarding & Certification Program:

    Session 1: Introduction to Career Counselling in the 21st Century
    • Dive into the fundamentals of modern career counselling, exploring the latest methodologies and approaches.
    • Gain insights from our comprehensive handbook supplemented with our course material.
    • Understand the evolving landscape of careers and how to effectively guide students towards fulfilling opportunities.
    Session 2: Introduction to the ProTeen Platform
    • Familiarise yourself with the ProTeen platform, learning the ins and outs of its functionality.
    • Master the student onboarding process, ensuring seamless integration and engagement.
    • Develop proficiency in interpreting student assessment reports and extracting valuable insights to facilitate informed career decisions.
    • Explore strategies for optimising student success on the platform, maximising their experience and outcomes.
    Session 3: Patron Commercial Success
    • During our Patron Commercial Success session, we'll walk you through the details of our revenue-sharing model, ensuring you understand how to maximise your earnings.
    • You'll learn strategies for effectively promoting your business through ProTeen licenses, leveraging your understanding of the platform gained from our comprehensive training sessions.
    • We'll equip you with techniques and best practices to help you reach your full earning potential.
    • You'll also receive an overview of the market players, understanding their strengths and weaknesses from both a pricing and platform features perspective.
    • By mastering the commercial aspect of your patronage, you'll not only enhance your own financial success but also contribute to the broader mission of guiding students towards fulfilling career paths.

    All sessions will be conducted at regular intervals with a group of Patrons to enable learning and sharing of best practices. Our goal is not only to empower you with the necessary skills and insights but also to cultivate a community of dedicated professionals committed to guiding the next generation towards prosperous and fulfilling careers.

    All Patrons will be automatically enrolled in the ProTeen community network, and quarterly knowledge and success-sharing sessions will be conducted online. In addition, all Patrons will get online support for any platform queries.

    The Patron program offers you a chance to work at your own pace, free from micro-management and unrealistic deadlines. No more long working hours where you are under pressure to meet unachievable targets and push aggressive, unethical practices to achieve sales targets. You will also benefit from a transparent revenue share structure, where you earn an attractive fee based on the sales you make, giving you clear insights into your income potential.

    Most importantly, you also have the chance to make a meaningful contribution to the betterment of society by helping guide students to discover their true potential. Finally, by partnering with ProTeen, you become a part of UNIDEL, a respected organisation with a 50-year history built on strong values like Innovation, Dependability, Excellence, Integrity, and a strong commitment to ethical practices.

    As a ProTeen Patron, you earn through a transparent revenue share-based system. There are no hidden fees or complicated structures to worry about. You'll get a 30% share of the list price* for every sale of 5 or more ProTeen licences. The more licences you sell in packs of 5 or more, the more money you make – it’s that simple.

    Payments will be made every month directly to your account, so you can easily track your earnings and income potential.

    *The list price for a pack of 5 ProTeen licences is Rs 11,995 (inclusive of all taxes).

    Benefits of Being a ProTeen Patron

    Escape toxic work culture

    Work at your own pace. No more aggressive sales targets, questionable business tactics, deadline stress, and toxic work culture.

    Transparent compensation

    Earn a partner fee for every sale you make, it’s that simple. No hidden or complicated structures.

    Make a real difference

    Help shape a better tomorrow by guiding students towards fulfilling careers and better futures.

    Ethical practices

    Be part of UNIDEL, a 50 year old group whose values have stood the test of time. Check out our values: IDEA – Innovation, Dependability, Excellence, Integrity.

    Join hands with ProTeen
    to empower future
    generations together.

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