by Inthiyaz Ahmad Khan

Plan Wise – Skyrocket Your Career

Career Planning Importance-

With the ambitions and dreams of today’s young individuals booming, so is the need to have an optimum outlook towards the career. The first step for this is Career Planning. A good career plan should have all the aspects ranging from orientation, interests, emotional and logical reasoning. This will help in setting achievable targets and provides a clear path. The importance of planning one’s career is unmatched in today’s day and age when life goals have become crucial.

Selecting The Right Career Path-

A shocking reality today is that about 80-85% of the people do not know what career to take. They lack direction and guidance. Career planning completely eliminates this doubt by considering all your interests and personality. Not having a clear vision often results in people getting deviated from the ultimate goal and wandering off elsewhere. Today, many people just take up a career either due to societal pressures or just because they look cool. This principally happens in the students taking up STEM courses. This results in utter lack of interest in the subject and later on inefficiency at work. Since the amount of interest varies directly with the efficiency, having a serious plan is essential.

Career Planning Process-

Meeting with career consultants, setting career objectives, improving skills,self-assessing, researching careers, and at last revising career goals form the foundation of a robust career plan. Also, taking useful guidance from parents and teachers will add up to the existing knowledge. Creating a plan considering all these options will further help in having a clear-cut opinion of what to do and what not to do in this process. Conclusively, the most inspiring aspect is that the individual will get to know more about themselves and their relationship with their goals during this process.


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