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Plan B Activate

Plan B For Your Career

Take 1

How many of you have watched “Chichore”? I guess most of you as it got into 100 crore movie club. Having the same essence as 3 Idiots it gave a different message though. So can you guess the message? Well, everyone’s perspective and interpretation of a movie differ. I inferred from the movie that you should always have a Plan B. In the movie, the parents realize that they should have taught their son to face failure and put up a strong face whenever things go out of the way. The thing which should be noted by every one of us. Things won’t turn up the way you want them to be. In case of Plan A doesn’t work we should have a Plan B ready so that we don’t hit a deadlock.

Plan That Can Help You Meet Your Career Goals-

So how can one work simultaneously on Plan A and B both? It is always easier said than done though. Making a plan and sticking to it is a challenging task. But to begin our challenging task you have to know what the plans are anyway. So let’s find out how to draw out the blueprint of Plan A and B:-

1. Firstly being self-aware is very important. To know your strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, preferences help you choose your line of career. Self-awareness tells you which direction you want your career to go.

2. Secondly your passion and skills will help you to zero down on your career choice. After listing out your passion and skills you can decide on two things you are good at or you want to continue doing. Now you have to work on developing those skills to a level where they give you a career standing.

3. Thirdly go for freelancing. Freelancing is a great way to develop your skills. You get a first-hand experience on how the job works, the pressure, scope and plus you have time flexibility and some money.

4. Working to develop your skills will mean you have to cut down your time with friends and cancel weekend getaways. But I guess you all have gone through this phase at the time of your Board exams and it would be easier for you this time when you want your career to ride high.

5. To pursue a career that revolves around your passion will give you immense pleasure and dedication. So your happiness will motivate you along the way.

Plan A has worked out perfectly! Does that mean your Plan B is a total scrap?

Take 2

In a different scenario, it might happen that your Plan A has worked out perfectly. Your career is going in a way just like you imagined. So that doesn’t mean your Plan B is a total scrap. All the efforts you put in are not a waste of time. A side hustle is always welcome. Having a skill other than your core strength looks great on a CV. You will come across many successful people who have a skill that is totally unrelated to their profession. Like music director Shankar Mahadevan and Nobel laureate, Abhijit Mukherjee is very good at cooking, Fields medal winner Akshay Venkatesh is an excellent flute player. An organization will more likely hire people who are extra-ordinary at other things because there might be 20 MBA’s waiting in queue but you will stand out because either you are a photographer or a cook or a guitarist or someone with something more. Something more is always welcome in this competitive environment.

So guys get ready with pen and paper and start your blueprint of Plan A and Plan B.

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