by Maryam Salim

Prestige Issues!

Making Right Career Choice- Prestige One Of the Factor

When do you realize the enormousness of your family size? Only the day when your plus two results are out. All those who have completed their school days must have gone through the embarrassing situation of explaining to your relatives and family friends your grades and ranks. This is when the struggle of making the right career choice starts.

Your ranks decide your future. This is a preconceived notion that has polluted the mind of elders. Grades or ranks are not the only factors that are to be considered while making the right career choice. If a child manages to get a good rank, without a second thought, he will be pushed to pursue a course that can confer him a doctor’s degree (Parents are now least interested in sending their children for B.Tech courses). The prestige associated with this degree is not so trivial. No parent has the right to force their choices on their children. Every child has an identity. They are unique and have different talents. If parents try to impose their wishes on their children, they lose their sense of individuality. Independence recedes like a mirage to them. They always seek the shade of their parents’ wings. This ensures that their innate talents remain buried and never in their life do they realize their abilities. Parents must ensure that they help their children to realize their potential and give them much-needed support.

Career Choice- Depending On Child’s Strengths & Interests

Children also hold the responsibility of chasing their dreams and making the right career choices. As A.P.J. Abdul Kalam said, “Dream is not that you see in sleep, Dream is something that does not let you sleep”.  Along with your studies identify your active area and nurse it with passion. You can succeed in your endeavors even if you manage to score fewer marks. Marks cannot measure your intellect. And the most important thing to keep in mind is:

1. A+ grade for all subjects should never be considered a guarantee for a Doctors / Lawyer’s degree.

2. Those who secure A+ are not only the ones possessing intelligence. Those branded as defaulters often prove to be the best in arts and commerce.

There is no such thing as prestige associated with a professional degree. Having a stand on your own and pursuing it, harboring the hopes of a delightful future defines the prestige of your ambition.

Finding Your Career Passion

Every person loves something intensely. Some may be wonderful dancers, some may be amazing singers, some are good chefs while some prefer gymnastics. Each and every field requires passionate ones that can improve and strengthen the particular field with wonders. The upcoming generation must be fully aware of their skills and must take extra pains to attain mastery in their interested area. You can augment your earnings with the attained proficiency. And along with a stable and healthy life, happiness comes to you in abundance.


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