by Shweta Vashisht

Why Waste Energy!

Difference Between Memorizing & Learning-

Memorizing is very common in the students. As they try to remember everything which is told to them without applying their logic. Memorizing is temporary i.e., you tend to forget it after some time. Learning is memorizing with the ability to understand the need for it. Learning is a lifetime. Whatever work you do in life you are always learning from someone & you are teaching someone.

Many students depend upon memorizing to score good marks in their exams. The problem arises when they don’t get a job or admissions in the top colleges. At this time they think that they don’t deserve these marks. After this, they try to learn what they have studied in school or university.

One thing to note is that why waste energy twice on the same thing if you can achieve your goals in one time.

Memorizing vs Learning

Many people confuse learning with memorizing. Learning means understanding the concepts, logic behind this study, why it is useful, etc. Maybe you don’t get a correct answer at the beginning for the questions but if you focus on these points you will surely get correct answers even if you do it after many years.

For example, I was not good in Science though I used to score very good marks in my sixth & seventh grades I didn’t understand any of the concepts. In eighth grade I started to learn the concepts instead of memorizing & believe me science is my favorite subject even today. I am a commerce student but still, I can answer the questions of science.

Memorization is Mentally Liberating

Another example of a waste of energy originates in this world of competition where we have all have set unlimited expectations for ourselves. Instead of being unique, we all want to be perfect. Our goals are based on what our society thinks is best. In this race of perfection, we forget what makes us happy. We choose careers that will build a positive image in society. Thus, we choose subjects which everyone else is choosing. The problem is that only a few are able to achieve due to limited seats in the top institutes.

The hard work of many students is wasted. We all must accept everything & expect nothing. There are various career options available & if not then create one. At last, I want to say that the bird will fail if its success is measured on the basis of its ability to swim. And always focus that your food doesn’t get cold while looking into someone else’s plate. Why travel where everyone is following others & not their happiness. Remember Leader is also one. Let us all have the courage to stand for what is right.

Author – Shweta Vashisht

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  • Aniket Mhatre
    March 30, 2020

    Really very knowledgeable article.

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