by Khushi Batra

Peer Pressure

Teenage problems & peer pressure

The first kNOw

Teenagers are always engrossed in gossips and have to deal with peer pressure. They are always thinking what score shall I get to beat that competitor. Or what you shall do to make your parents happy or to make your relatives happy. Why? Say NO to this way of ‘thinking! Take two minutes of your life and say sorry to yourself for having wasted your life ‘thinking’ about everyone else except yourself. Be a narcissist for once and think what you like, think about yourself. Think about your well being. think about what you want in life. Self-help is the best help. Your success and happiness will automatically become infectious and make every one of your well-wishers truly happy!

So say sorry to yourself for all the self-neglect! – “I am sorry that I neglected you every hour, every minute, every second. Due to some of the other reason. I am sorry for I thought that you were okay even when you were not and that I kept thinking about the past every second that I forgot to give time to your present and think about your future and that I was so busy listening to others that I forgot to listen to your mind. My bad that I was too occupied mending other’s hearts when your own heart was bleeding profusely. I am sorry for not letting you believe that you deserve happiness.

Challenges of being a teenager in the 21st century

Sorry I kept pondering over what others said about you, instead of asking you what you really wanted. My mistake for taking your soul out for swimming and instead, I drowned it deep into the water. I am sorry that I kept telling you to say that you’re okay so that no one worries about you. My fault that I made you play with your own feelings even when I knew you didn’t have what and who you needed.

Apologies that I made you feel that you were fully healed even when you weren’t. I am sorry that I felt you didn’t deserve to be loved or you didn’t deserve to have happiness or that I didn’t give you the same amount of time and effort that I gave to others. I am sorry. today I promise that one day, I will make you feel okay. today I promise that one day, I will give you what you truly deserve. one day.”

Peer pressure

The second kNOw

The other No you must know is to say no to those ‘friends’ who urge you, “oh come on, it’s just one puff, try it! oh come on, it’s just one shot, try it!” If you have ever heard these lines from any of your ‘friends,  you seriously need to change your company.

In this modern world when everything is about clicking and posting, liking and commenting, you end up doing things which you shouldn’t have, but did since your dear ‘friend’ insisted “Let’s put our shots glasses together, and click a ‘cool’ picture with a caption hanging out with my pals!” Really? Is it necessary? Is it? Really? Imagine a real who doesn’t drink, suddenly puts out his glass filled with a soft drink, you know what happens?

Positive peer pressure

A good friend tells him, oh come on, he doesn’t drink so what, it’s better, he doesn’t, he’ll not end up like us, all drunk and high, not caring what’s going around and at least he’ll remember what happened and will obviously not wake up with a throbbing head in the morning. A bad friend, tells him, “Oh come on, it’s just one shot, drink it up and feel better. It makes you feel alive and free.” You and I both know, one shot ends up into two and two into plenty until he becomes an addict.

The moral is to try to get into a good friends company, where your friends accept who you are, not who you should be, a puff won’t make you cool, a happy life would make you cool. In your race of life, try to be number one by leaving your bad peers far behind!

Author – Khushi Batra

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  • Kaveri S S
    January 22, 2020

    Very good interesting article.
    Friends should be chosen carefully. Well said.

  • Revathy K J
    January 21, 2020

    A very good piece of creativity?

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