by Shambhavi Kesarwani

Nothing is impossible ?

Nothing is impossible?

They say “Nothing is impossible if you strive hard to achieve something”, does this notion remain valid throughout? Here are two pertinent real-world examples to reflect upon:

Memory vis-a-vis Insight

Memorizing is a sort of commitment to memory, it’s basically when your mind is voluntarily asked to retain something. Whereas, Learning is the accession of a certain branch of knowledge either through practical or theoretical training or say experience.

To understand the above concept more patently, I’ll give you a very relatable example from our daily lives. Obviously, not everyone is fond of studying but there is particularly that one subject which you absolutely despise. No matter what, you cannot stand that particular subject teacher or the subject itself.

During our semester exams, the keenness of knowing how much our friends have studied grips us hard, and there’s no match to that level of betrayal, you feel when she tells you that she has done way more than you’ve. So you spend the entire day without any stress, probably scrolling through Instagram.

On the day of your exam, you wake up and you do realize that you haven’t studied anything and the horror of getting a back in that particular subject hits you hard, that’s when you “skim” through your study material and try to memorize all the important and predictable stuff which can be there in your question paper. You hurriedly go through the matter and just hope that you do remember the contents and that’s when you tell the person sitting right beside you during the examination “tell me the heading, I’ll be able to write it further”. This is what memorizing is.

Whereas when you actually plan out everything and study something deeply, practice it and then revise it to make sure that it is all retained, is when you say you’ve actually “learned “ something. Even though both have different meanings, they go hand in hand and complement each other.

Expectations vis-a-vis Reality

Many students, despite striving hard, see their aspirations of getting into your dream college, all shattered, right in front of your own eyes. Every student who actually dreams of getting into his desired college spares no effort. All his sacrifices go unnoticed and his efforts, all in vain. What about the Quota hindrance? Unexpectedly high cut-offs? Finite seats? Does it not count?

Talking particularly about India, the population burst, clubbed with the SC/ST/OBC reservations along with the accelerating competition amongst the students and all the other sectors constitute the major factors which are held responsible for greatly upsetting the deserving students. Competition, say it either of getting into a good college or being selected by one of the top-notch companies is not at all justified at this level. Increasing competition will be encouraged if the two people are being judged on the basis of their capabilities or the talent they possess and not on the basis of the category they belong to. The general category then weeps in distress and the fruits are borne by others.

It might sound immensely dramatic but a student who has worked diligently without fail and has secured a good % doesn’t deserve to be disappointed because of the multiple number of reasons which are so not justified. All I want to say is that the seats allotted to students with quota should be managed in such a manner that they do not hamper or restrict the deserving student from getting that seat, the carelessly awarding of marks which eventually increase the cut-offs for various colleges should be avoided and definitely if a need to increase the number of seats is required, then the arrangements should be made accordingly.

It definitely calls for a transformation. The point is if not now, then when? If not us, then who?

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Author: Shambhavi Kesarwani


  • Aniket Mhatre
    March 27, 2020

    From reading this article , it suggest that never give up just keep on trying.

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