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Top 10 career options after 12th
(Science – Non Medical)

Top 10 career options after 12th (Science – Non Medical)

Science is probably one of the most popular and in-demand streams chosen by students in India. Many careers in the science field are extremely interesting to work in and usually incorporate cutting-edge technology to tackle unique problems and provide solutions. This is an important reason why students are also attracted to science-based careers as they offer a wide variety of career options and potential growth.
But what if you are a science student who doesn’t want to pick medicine a.k.a, the most popular science career in India? Perhaps you find yourself more passionate about subjects like botany, zoology, biology and many other non-medical science fields. Wherever your interest lies, a thorough career exploration of all the various non-medical science career options is the first step towards success. To help you make informed career choices, take a look at the top non-medical science career options after Class 12 . One of these options could be the path to your dream career!

What Is a Non-Medical Science Career?

There are several non-medical science career options available. These include zoology, botany, chemistry, biology, engineering, environmental science, mathematics and statistics, computer science and information technology. Zoology is the study of animals, and a zoologist is someone who studies the behaviour, physiology and other aspects of animals. A zoologist may work in a lab and conduct experiments on animals or study wildlife. Botany is the study of plants, and a botanist studies the different plants and their uses. Chemists work with chemicals and conduct experiments, exploring the properties of chemicals. Biologists study living organisms, from bacteria and fungi to plants, animals and people. Environmental scientists study the environment and ways to protect it. Mathematicians explore the use and application of different mathematical principles. Statisticians study the creation and interpretation of data.

1. Information Technology (IT)

One of the kings of the modern career world, Information Technology or IT, is simply everywhere you look in today’s digitally-driven world. This means that IT careers are some of the most in-demand and lucrative career options available. To top it off, nearly every industry or field in the world is reliant on IT to operate – businesses, medicine and healthcare, banks, computers, mobiles etc. Which means the career path available to IT students are incredibly diverse and extremely vast and this demand won’t be dropping anytime soon!

Career Opportunities

The modern world’s high dependence on hardware and software and the innovation of technology means that career opportunities for IT professionals can be exciting, cutting-edge, and far-reaching:

  • Data Scientist
  • Bioinformatics Developer
  • AR/VR Developer
  • IoT Solutions Architect
  • AI/ML Architect
  • DevOps Engineer


2. Clinical Research 

Clinical research involves conducting research and experiments on human beings who participate in these trials. This is done to discover possible solutions for particular questions regarding medication or diseases. The most important phase in this job is following the Good Clinical Practice (GCP) – guidelines put in place by the International Conference on Harmonization of Technical Requirements for Registration of Pharmaceuticals for Human Use (ICH).

Career Opportunities

Depending on specialisations and experience, job roles include:

  • Clinical Research Associate
  • Clinical Researcher
  • Research Pharmacist
  • Clinical Project Manager


3. Genetics

An extremely unique and incredibly intriguing field that potentially can hold the answers to many questions about living beings. Genetics is an exciting, extremely technical field where students can learn everything about living organisms, their genes, and their genetic variations. Geneticists can also be involved or help in the development and production of pharmaceutical products.

Career Opportunities

Geneticists have opportunities to work in extremely diverse careers, including:

  • Geneticist
  • Immunologist
  • Cytogeneticist
  • Forensic DNA Analyst
  • Medical Technologist


4. Engineering

One of the most popular career fields in India, the world of engineering contains careers that cover everything from the top to the bottom and everything in between! Engineering is a scientific discipline where designing, developing, building, and testing systems and solutions across various fields will be the main function.

Career Opportunities

Always in demand and with extremely diverse career opportunities present, some of the challenging, and unique careers available in engineering are:

  • Biotech Engineer
  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Biomedical Engineer
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Machine Learning Engineer


5. Biotechnology

The name makes it simple! Biotechnology is a popular modern career where biology meets technology for the study of organisms, to be able to modify or manipulate them for application in products and services. Ranging across diverse industries such as pharmaceutical, food, textiles, agriculture etc, biotechnologists aim to aid people by improving quality and efficiency in their respective industries.

Career Opportunities

Greatly in demand, biotechnologists can explore careers in:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Healthcare
  • Genetics
  • Clinical Research
  • Virology
  • Immunology


6. Food Science

A field which has greatly increased in importance across the world due to the increased demand for healthier, sustainable food practices, food science requires complete knowledge and understanding of the way biological and chemical procedures affect plants, dairy, and other food sources. It includes agronomy, horticulture, dairy technology, and agricultural engineering.

Career Opportunities

Food science can provide ample career opportunities as:

  • Process Development Scientist
  • Food Technologist
  • Quality Assurance Manager
  • Toxicologist
  • Nutritional Therapist


7. Biochemistry

It is a study that deals with the research of chemical processes and compounds found in living organisms. Biochemistry is a laboratory-based science which integrates biology and chemistry, as biochemists use chemistry principles to solve biological problems in diverse fields.

Career Opportunities

  • Biomedical Scientist
  • Forensic Scientist
  • Clinical Laboratory Technologist
  • Toxicologist
  • Research Scientist
  • Healthcare Scientist


8. Physiology

Physiology is the study of all living organisms’ physical activities and mechanisms. Organs, Anatomy, Cells, Muscles, and their interactions are among the various research areas. The research can include both human physiology and the physiology of other living organisms.

Career Opportunities

A career in Physiology includes some lucrative and globally in-demand careers, including:

  • Physiotherapist
  • Sports Physiologist
  • Biomedical Assistant
  • Clinical-exercise Physiologist


9. Environmental Science

Environmental science is an interdisciplinary academic field that studies environmental problems and human impacts on the environment by combining ecology, geology, meteorology, biology, chemistry, engineering, and physics. Environmental science is a quantitative field of study both with theoretical and applied aspects that have influenced government policies all over the world.

Career Opportunities

  • Environmental Consultant
  • Environmental Education Officer
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Nature Conservation Officer
  • Sustainability Consultant
  • Water Quality Scientist
  • Landscape Architect


10. Pharmacy

Pharmacy is a doctoral healthcare profession in which licenced professionals focus on providing medication information to patients and other healthcare professionals. Pharmacists, as “medication experts,” are concerned with protecting the health of the public in matters of medication distribution and use, as well as disease state management. Pharmacists assist people in living healthier, more fulfilling lives. As a field with good stability, demand, and growth opportunities, this is an interesting career for students to explore.

Career Opportunities

Pharmacists are always in good demand in research, healthcare, medical, and manufacturing fields. Options available are:

  • Pharmacologist
  • Drugs Inspector
  • Drugs Controller
  • Hospital Pharmacist
  • Computational Pharmacist
  • Nuclear Pharmacist



No matter which non-medical science career students choose, they are assured of unique, interesting careers where they have the potential to contribute to society greatly. If you’ve made it through this blog, you should be more aware of what your options are and what might be the right career fit for you. So, remember, your future is in your hands!

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