by Bakulesh S. Rane

Student’s Survival Kit For Disruptions!

Survival kit

Change is the nature of the Nature. Nature changes constantly. It’s the constant cycle of change that governs the nature. Nature is indeed dynamic. Hence Adaptability essentially ensures survival. This adaptability is another name of the process of Evolution, the one which is in accordance with the Darwin’s Theory of Survival is as well applicable to human jobs indeed!!

Age of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) also known as M.L. (Machine Learning) or can be also called as Age of the Robots would be highly disruptive as well as constructive in their sense of impact on human lives and a huge shift in the paradigm of job plateau will be noticed. But to notice this how it will, we must first need to understand the functioning of the A.I. systems.

A.I. the artificial intelligent system is the thinking algorithm of the machines which work only on feeding of data gathered from the past. Of course at present these systems are not programmed at that level to self-feed this information and also for security purpose mostly we humans monitor these data before feeding it to the A.I.   This feed data then is manipulated by A.I. to find and recognize the patters in the underlined situations and has the mechanism to act on it on its own without the human interventions for the most of the time and by many a times iterating its action to self-learn a given thing.

This way like a toddler A.I. improves itself with rendering it till it performs the desired task as expected. But many a times these A.I goes in the wrong direction at such times it needs the human intervention to correct itself; this point should be noted as one of the high prospect job point in the future.

As even though the A.I.  is claimed to be self-thinking machine even if it’s get connected to internet to self-learn a thing; it cannot distinguish itself between good and bad as it does not have human like emotions, ethics and morale, the non-famous streams of jobs like Psychologist will get the boost with additional specializations and segmentation in this field. “Even today’s Self Driving Car’s A.I. is not able to solve the hypothetical problematic scenario in the case of accident whom to save first the pedestrian being or the inside passenger at the same instance. “in such emotionally-logical laden scenarios it still will need humans to assist it.

The shear difference between humans and A.I. will be the thinking, out of box thinking and designing fields will require a human brain only; Machine A.I. cannot will ever think and imagine like humans till in the near future coming decades it is only pattern based and data driven. Hence many new designing and artistic field jobs will emerge in the near future.

The menial jobs like accounting, cashier, etc. which are data driven will be extinct. This automation has already started in companies like Amazon.  It is estimated that only top 10 percentile of jobs like Lawyers, etc. will exist rest will work of automating and maintenance of A.I. systems in these fields. Though A.I. sounds fully automatic instances like that of Facebook had consistently shown that A.I. can go uncontrollable. Hence introduction to these systems will attract heavy criticisms and stringent government laws for the safety in this process a ton lot of jobs will get created.

Hence the 21st Century Skilling is very important in this regard to make proper field choices with complement to the chosen field of academic studies. To get a head start in the career which requires some type of proof for assurance to work with a company while being student, ProTeen has initiated the 21st century skills certification with their skill gauging analytics which will help the students to secure internships and jobs in this regard. Doesn’t this sound a pretty good initiative for us ? Think about it!

There was once a time in the past when children used to learn the necessary skills working practically with their parents in the ancestral working fields. This way the skills required for the work where pass down the generation to generations.

Then centuries later people started going to Universities which were at that time was a huge collection of scholarly data and knowledge only available to few dignitaries and royals. Later this trend became common and ordinary people started joining universities for pursuing education.

But the Major education shift took place exponentially during the Age of the Industrial Revolution.

As the rapid inventions took of mainly during this period which opened the floodgates of research in the existing fields of study causing the emergent of new segments in the existing fields of study, back by the increase in the research spending for better production of goods due to increasing consumer demands and availability of mass production in factories.

But as much of the inventions took place within the industries themselves and industry sponsored institutions it took a lot of time often to incorporate this knowledge into academia to prevent any type of industrial competition arising out of the leak information. Hence until the existent knowledge of process and research was important from the view of corporate competition it was kept away from getting included into academia until it started becoming absolute to the industrial competitions. Once this happen it was available a decade later into the syllabus of the university educations.

This way the Academic education lost the touch with the industrially needed skills. Hence universities were no longer able to produced industrially able graduates. This is still the condition of the academic education today. Hence just only degree education has become obsolete in this fast-paced world today. Hence 21st Century skilling plays a major role to complement the Academic Curriculum.

Our current education system doesn’t provide for the livelihood; but by learning industrially relevant skills we can. Addressing to this concern ProTeen has established as a platform with collaboration to companies to skill the students on an emerging industrial skill level with industrially accepted certification program as an entry level requirement for the acceptance towards the internship or job with the relevant skills while still being a student. Thus, bridging the barrier gap towards the actual job for the students. Doesn’t that look a great initiative towards increasing the employment rate of our country!!!!!!

Author – Bakulesh S. Rane



  • Aniket Mhatre
    April 1, 2020

    Beautiful article about technology !

  • sanskriti savaran singh
    January 28, 2020

    The article is very well explained.

  • Revathy K J
    January 23, 2020

    The 21st century needs a rethinking on the use of technology..Well Explained

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