by Khusvenderr Kumar

Skills Role For Income And Survival

The Role of Skills In Income

Are you pursuing bachelors or masters right now? Do you also think that your degree will get you a high-income job? If yes, then you might want to look the other way around. People in recent days have been so blindfolded by the same notion which previous generations lived on – studies and no skills. But as the 21st century is coming to its peak, we are seeing that skillful people are earning more money than people who are just graduate degree holders but have no skills. Also, this is the reason that colleges and institutes have made it mandatory to have some experience or internship before you finally complete your degree.

To be clearer why skills are being more prioritized in today’s world. Let’s take a view of high income and how people achieve them. The first is a high-income job. This is the job that top placement institute provides to work with them. The only problem in this type of job is it can be taken away from you. The corporate world has seen much job replacement in recent years. The second type is high-income skills. This is the type of work that you master with time and it leads you to a position where you use your skills to earn a high income. People who freelance have high-income skills and many of them earn more than those who work 9-5. The advantage of this type is nobody can take the skill out of you. Your skills are secured and so does your income.

Most of the youth today have no idea what skills they need to achieve to get a job. They think their degree is enough to land them in a paradise that will continue its harmony upon them. The skill gap is increasing nowadays and it wouldn’t be bad to say it can lead to many people staying unemployed in the next decade. The skill gap is the gap between the actual knowledge, skills, and abilities of a candidate in comparison to the skills, abilities that employers want. In a study, more than 80% of Americans say that there is a growing skill gap. Also, 81% of employers said employees lack critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills.

It has been mandatory in today’s generation to excel others to be ahead all the time. Self-growth and improvement is the key for that. Today’s high income is not just based on your degree but rather its sum of your degree and the skills you got inside you. Start now and grab some skills that nobody can steal from you.

Top Skills To Survive In Today’s Corporate World

People are working hard every day to thrive in their respective industry and make wonders over there. Those hard-working individuals are not relying on the luck factor but rather creating their own luck and going face to face with challenges. But what if something could ease their work a little bit and fill their life with excitement? The x-factor is skill set. The skill set is the accumulation of knowledge you acquire over time. When hard work meets the right skill set, it can do wonders in the industry one is banging head now.

There are numerous skills that one needs to be above the competitive world. There are hard skills associated with your industry that is needed to be known and there are soft skills that are universal and must be learned. Some of the universal soft skills are:

Communication: Most of us go to work, come back to work without having some interesting and time-worthy conversation with our colleagues. In the corporate world, the people who rise to the highest position do not refrain from talking to their fellow workers. Rather, they communicate effectively and try to add values to other people life. Moreover, having excellent communication skills can give you a good lead in the interview process.

Leadership Skills: There would be times when you would be handled the project or the team to work on something. This is the time when all of the company or industry is looking at you with high hopes in their eyes. Leadership skills come very handily here. People have stopped the mentality of saying “yes boss” and process to whatever instruction their senior is giving. Rather, people are willing to follow somebody who has leadership skills and can lead them to the path of success and prosperity.

Learning something new every day: Living with the knowledge you learned 10 years back and thinking you would make it in the corporate world could lead to some complications. There are certain skills that need to be upgraded regularly. Enrolling yourself in training or being part of seminars and conferences is the least you can do to upgrade your knowledge. You can also free some time every day and sharpen your axes by reading new things or learning from the internet.

Time Management: Working in a 9-5 job and saying it boring at the end of every day isn’t going to solve any of your problems. In that time slot, you are required to manage multiple tasks and do various sort of jobs. Prioritizing your tasks in your crazy schedule is the first and foremost thing to make your work life more sorted and simple. Do not waste time on something that would not yield wonderful results. Not just for corporate employees, time management must also be learned by every individual on this planet to make their life more sorted.

Flexibility: Standing rigid to the changes that are happening around you will make you stand there only. The whole world will move, but not you. Being open to everything new that’s coming your way. Be it a new role, new project or managing things, look everything from a perspective of learning and be flexible in that situation. Adapt in the new scenarios this world is evolving into and you will see yourself doing better than most of the people out there.

The time is gone when the competition was less and everybody would get a job that would sustain their household. In today’s era, the competition has gone up and candidates who are not polishing or adding skills are unemployed. One way to add on new skills is ProTeen’s 21st Century Certifications. ProTeen, the millennial career guide app, unlocks the true potential of young adults. ProTeen’s gamified web and mobile platform help students make informed academic and career decisions. The interactive career guide gives students first-hand, experiential knowledge of every profession, from mainstream to obscure. Counted by students to be amongst the top few apps that improve their lives, ProTeen goes beyond mere information. It includes life building games based on tasks and skills and enables young adults to track their goals. Advanced analytics give them the confidence to make the right academic and career decisions.

Being in the corporate world is not a cake walk but a journey of hard work and persistence. Adding more arrows of skills to your quiver will make the road to success easier with fewer impediments.

Author – Khusvenderr Kumar


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