by Sakshi Chandarana

Skills Maketh A Man!

“It is possible to fly without motors, but not without knowledge and skill.” – Wilbur Wright

In today’s hustle and bustle a person without any skills and abilities is worthless since the rate of technological development is booming to another level and such skills, abilities, learning techniques are an important area for growth which can be acquired by the 21 st Century Skilling which enables us to adapt to the digital society. We have come a long way from the black boards and white boards to the very new technology of the SMART Board ! The pace of the change has been drastic.

These skills help us improve by complementing our academic curriculum and are grouped into three areas namely:

Learning and Innovation skills which will benefit us in a way that helps us to develop analytical thinking that will help us think according to the facts and analysis of the same. The Innovation skills deal with the lateral thinking which is commonly referred to as out of the box thinking and it enriches our creativity.

Digital Literacy skills It is like if you don’t know the alphabets how will you write a sentence or even a paragraph. With digital technology and media widening its scope we need to be computer literates and basic operation of the mobile phone, E banking, Payment Wallets,etc. is very important for us.

Career and Life skills Life is going to shoot the difficult of its bullets on us at any given point in our life and if we aren’t adaptive or adjusting to the environment we may simply let the bullet penetrate us but here we need to be super confident and deal with the ordeals tactfully. Self Confidence and Self Esteem are very essential to one’s development. A balance in the emotional intelligence is also a vital life skill. These skills are regarded as the vital keys towards the dawn of a progressive education system.

The skills are necessary for a person academically because literacy in every field like technology, culture, science, financial is a must as it helps you to understand new concepts and you are at par with the world which comprises of people who have enriched their treasure trove of knowledge. Qualities like leadership, vision and foresight analytic thinking along with creativity,awareness about culture and the society curiosity to try something new and Innovation are some of the aspects that complement the academic curriculum of our system. Thus, development of such skills is essential to mould and shape our lives into a beautiful one.

What if we don’t posses these 21st Century skills and are scared that what if we can’t do it? God has given us hands and not all fingers are the same size, similarly everybody is different and very unique in their own way. Some are blessed with one skill while the others are also blessed but with maybe a 10% of it. Never take things in a pessimistic manner. Find that ray of optimism in every pessimistic thought of yours. There is always a scope for improvement in any area if we want to achieve the excellence. ProTeens 21st Century Skilling Certifications are surely very much important and useful for us as it helps us to improve that 10% and increase it to the maximum. ProTeen focuses on the potential skill that one has and how it will help the person unlock his or her true potential

Author – Sakshi Chandarana


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