by Jui Teli

Don’t Judge, Just Inspire!

Grades don’t define the future-

An individual has his own unique strengths which he develops through his confidence and knowledge. Not all students can achieve the top ranks, there are some who will excel in different fields. Inspire them each has their own field of interest and expertise. Some are good at math, some are good at drawing whereas some are good at things outside the classroom like sports. One needs to know his own value and his strength. In short, one should not always be judged on his grades, his skills and other talents are equally strong.

Hobbies keep you active and inspire you-

For example, there would be some Hobbies that can make you alive. Hobbies are something that keeps the students active and inspires though you are tired of daily schedules. You work for money, study for grades, breathe to be alive, and similarly practice the hobby for nurturing your soul. The advancement of technology has simplified many things but also has increased the competition which has also increased tension and pressure for excelling in such times it is very vital to practice the hobbies regularly for peace of mind. It can be drawing, music, yoga, or even dance, whatever that makes your soul happy.

Importance of hobbies-

While the education system feels that theoretical and technical knowledge is important I think taking hobbies seriously is equally vital. Because having a degree is good but having a degree in a subject you love is just incredible. This is why I feel hobbies must be treated as a subject, which develops student’s skills.

Don’t judge any student just by grades, inspire them to unlock their true potential that can sometimes mean developing skills in hobbies they love!

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Author – Jui Teli

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  • Aniket Mhatre
    March 27, 2020

    Motivated article !

  • sanskriti savaran singh
    January 24, 2020

    It is important for people to excel at things other than just academics otherwise what a mundane world would it be.

  • Sandeep Ahirwar
    January 22, 2020

    Fishes can’t walk on roads, Elephants can’t climb trees, and humans can’t fly. Every individual indeed has some superpowers. Superpower is not like superheroes it is basically the skills.

  • Bhargav Maradana
    January 21, 2020

    Well said but the length of the article is some what small, coming into your article the picture which was at the starting was really nice.

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