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10 reasons why career
counselling is important after 12th

10 reasons why career counselling is important after 12th

If you’ve just finished your 12th, you might be thinking, what next? How does the future look? What career should I pursue? Maybe you already have a plan or an idea of what to do. If so, what college and course would get you closer to your goals? What would be the ideal career development for a young student looking to get a satisfying job? You could also be someone who hasn’t prepared ahead and planned your future career out. If so, don’t be afraid! A lot of young students don’t have a clear idea of what they’d like to study or which career path to follow. The good news, however, is that doesn’t mean you can’t figure it out!

With so many colleges, programs, courses, and streams to choose from, it’s easy to feel intimidated and confused. If you’re having trouble figuring out which area of study is right for you, career counselling offers expert guidance on career and education choices. Here is a look at the top 10 reasons why career counselling is important and can help you discover your ideal career path after your 12th :

1. Helps discover your true strengths, interests, and weaknesses

The first step in career counselling – psychometric assessments, can help discover your true strengths, interest areas, and weaknesses. This can accurately pinpoint what course and field might be the right fit for you.

2. It will help you find the perfect course and college

If you’re interested in a specific career path, but don’t know how to get there, career counselling can guide you to the right courses. Moreso, it can also help you find the perfect college that offers the courses that you want.

3. Can show the right career fit for you

Your long-term career journey may be decided based on your choices right after 12th alone. But most students aren’t aware of the kinds of jobs available, or which career would best fit them. Based on your psychometric assessments, career counselling can pinpoint the right career options for you.

4. Helps you have multiple plans in place to secure your future

Plan A not working out after 12th? No matter the reason, career counselling has you covered as it provides you with multiple career options and not just a single choice.

5. Shows you the ideal path for any career

If you’re interested in a specific career, career counselling can show you the right way to it. From which courses and colleges to choose and even the skills needed, your career development will be in good hands.

6. It helps find hidden doors that might be good for you

A crucial benefit of career counselling is that it instils greater career awareness in students. By allowing students to explore the wide world of different careers available to them, they are aware of all the new and different careers that might be an option for them. This way, students can make an informed career decision.

7. It can help you understand the realities of a career

If you’re on the fence about a few different careers, career counselling can help you decide which one to pursue. Career counselling can provide you with all the answers and show you the realities of a career like the skillsets required, current demand, future scope and growth etc.

8. Can help you experience a career before having to pick one 

Career counselling today offers innovative solutions like career demos and roleplays which are designed to allow students to explore any career and gain insights into any 21st-century career from the comfort of their homes. This way, students can gain vital career insights before having to pick a career.

9. It shows the skills and careers in-demand for each field 

Thanks to career counselling, students can gain a deep understanding of the current career trends in any particular field. Ranging from skills most in demand to which careers are currently sought after, students can plan their career growth in a timely manner.

10. Personalised, comprehensive career guidance

A crucial benefit of career counselling is that students can get personalised career guidance. With personalised reports, tailor-made academic and career recommendations, and detailed career exploration, career counselling ends up as a one-stop solution for any and every career query of a student.


Overall, career counselling is designed to be an easy, holistic process capable of guiding a student on the edge of entering the career world and ensuring their career journey starts in the best way possible. This simplified, stress-free journey can only happen when students make well-informed career decisions. And this is why career counselling after 12th is vital as it allows students to be prepared for the 21st-century career world.