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5 ways students can benefit from career counselling

5 ways students can benefit from career counselling

Students today have a whole new world of career opportunities in front of them. Thanks to the digital revolution, technological advancements, and new innovative careers, students have over 600+ careers available to them. The question here is, how do you pick just one? And more importantly, is it the right fit for you? With more than 93% of students being aware of only 7 career options, career counselling can help students by allowing them to be aware of the different career possibilities that exist. With traditional education failing to equip young students with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively navigate the career world waiting for them, a holistic and scientific solution like career counselling is essential.

So, let’s take a quick look at the 5 ways in which students can benefit from career counselling:

1. Know your true self

Career counselling can help you discover your true self. Scientific and accurate psychometric assessments can pinpoint your true strengths, interests, aptitude, personality, and multiple intelligence. This way you are confident in your real capabilities and potential for the future.

2. Ideal career development

Career counselling can guide you through the entire process of choosing a career. From the first steps like subject and course recommendations in school and college to helping you pick the perfect college offering that will help you enter your dream career.

3. Increased career awareness: 

Career counselling can help students become career-ready by exposing them to the realities of different careers via career demos and roleplays. This way, students are aware of what a career is all about, long before having to make a choice.

4. Expert professional guidance

Expert guidance from career counsellors can help you have multiple career plans in place rather than just one. Career counsellors can even help in putting together an effective resume, cover letter, and interview strategy if you are new to the world of careers.

5. 21st-century skills

With traditional jobs becoming obsolete, students need to keep up with the new demands of the evolving career world. Career counselling helps students upskill or reskill with 21st-century skills, which is crucial and can help a student adapt to a wide variety of demands and situations in the modern career world.

Ultimately, career counselling for students greatly increases career awareness as it helps children explore all their options effectively and helps them make the right career decisions at the right time. Career counselling for students is critical as it will help them choose from a variety of career options and choose the best career path for them, helping them to succeed and live a better life.

Think you need career help?

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