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10 reasons why career counselling is important after 10th

10 reasons why career counselling is important after 10th

After 10th, students start to develop their own different and unique career paths. Some may pursue higher studies and go abroad for it, while others might drop higher education and opt for a diploma or vocational courses. Many students might not even know what exactly they want to pursue and simply go along with what they are being told by family and friends. This is where the importance of having a solid plan for your future cannot be stressed enough. If you’re currently facing the challenges of having to decide your entire future and aren’t sure of what to do, career counselling is the answer for you.

Read on for a brief look at the top 10 reasons why career counselling is vital for a student after 10th:

1. It helps discover your true strengths and weaknesses

Career counselling can help you discover your true strengths and weaknesses with psychometric evaluations. This can help pinpoint what you’d be good at doing and what areas are best avoided.

2. It helps you understand your interests

Career counselling can help you avoid pursuing a career path that doesn’t fit your interests. Psychometric evaluations are utilised to effectively understand a student’s interest areas and then guide them to the right careers available.

3. It helps you make the right choices in and after school

Career counselling today can help students with every step of their development based on their psychometric evaluations. This includes crucial choices like which stream to choose after 10th and which career field to pursue down the road.

4. Develops greater career awareness

Career counselling also exposes students to the wide world of different careers available to them and helps them explore all the different options and new careers that have sprung up in the career world. This way, you are aware of all your possible options and can make an informed career decision.

5. It helps you determine the next steps

Career counselling can help in deciding whether you want to pursue a graduate degree or simply take some courses to expand your knowledge base. You may want to pursue a specific career and simply need a few extra courses to get your foot in the door. Or, you may need higher qualifications to pursue a specific career.

6. Better awareness of popular careers in the market

Career counselling is the best way to keep yourself updated with all the current trends and demands of the career market. This way, you are well aware of the best and the most popular career options before making any decisions.

7. Gives a major boost to your self-confidence

As the saying goes, knowing is half the battle. For a young student full of doubts and worries, having the answers to all the questions that pop up in their head is a crucial step toward being able to make the right decisions. Ultimately, career counselling can give a major boost to a student’s self-confidence and belief.

8. It introduces you to new vocational skills that could be essential

It’s not uncommon for students to attend career counselling sessions and discover that they’re interested in a field that they aren’t knowledgeable about. Or you may be interested in a field but simply not have enough information about it. In this case, career counselling can help you by introducing you to essential skills or helping you learn new vocational skills necessary for advancing your career.

9. Helps you have multiple plans ready

Career counselling isn’t about finding one good path and being blind to other possibilities. The aim is to help students discover all that they are good at and not restrict themselves to a single choice, which is why it isn’t only about option A but also options B, and C.

10. Helps discover your ideal career fit

The entire process of career counselling can be personalised and tailor-made to fit every individual. This way, the answers and solutions gained are specific to the individual’s real strengths and capabilities. This is how career counselling can help you discover your ideal career fit.


There you go, these are the top 10 reasons why career counselling is important for a student after 10th. Today, thanks to widespread internet penetration, these benefits aren’t just restricted to major cities and even students from smaller towns or cities can now learn to make the right career choices! In short, the personalised guidance that career counselling offers will guide students to their dream careers in the best possible way. For students after 10th, it helps them deal with the most pressing difficulties they face, like choosing the right courses and college to better career awareness and helps students understand and navigate processes like resume building, interview tips/breakdown and much more.