by Mary Christina

Life In Ten Minutes

Peer pressure –

“Christina, this is one final time I am saying this. You will take commerce and that’s it! That’s how I fell prey to peer pressure and landed up doing commerce and then I graduated from commerce Symbiosis. However, deep within, I still had a dream to take up humanities and pursue IAS (Indian Administrative Service). Yet, it’s alright since I wanted my parents to be happy and that was my immediate priority. Asides we weren’t given enough guidelines or proper induction as to what stream can we pursue and make a career out of it.

Nowadays there is a whole milky way of things you can do and excel in it. Who thought that you can be paid just to sleep by NASA! I’m sorry for cracking a lame joke but the idea of giving this example was just to tell you that you can do whatever you wish and love and excel at it to make a career out of it and live a full-filling life.

Peer pressure in school

I know that the 10th grade is pretty hardboard exams, education stream selection – it messes you around really bad. But peace out my friends take a chill pill. Take one step at a time – give your exams well and then think about which stream you wish to do. Often sometimes students come under influence of people and take something which they don’t even like and in the end, it turns out to be fatal for them My dear friend DON’T YOU DARE EVEN DO THAT! Because 11th and 12th is the building foundation of your entire life. Those are the foundation brick and mortar of your life’s Burj Khalifa or Eifel Tower! So take a deep breath and choose what you love to do, not what others want you to do. We have only one life – YOLO – make it large!

Career planning importance

When I was in 10th class my school conducted an induction program for us where they guided us for our career and how to build our foundation. Over there the person firstly asked us how much we concentrate in our classes and the silence around the auditorium was his answer. To concentrate and make our classes interesting. He said to give the first 10 minutes to your teacher and listen to whatever she tells you to give your mind and body to whatever the teacher explains to you and then you will automatically be able to concentrate on your classes it’s just the first 10 minutes of a particular class that we need to concentrate as in those starting time the teacher might tell you some important things and our mind often wanders around at those first 10 minutes.

Not only for the classes but else when you study at home it will improve your concentration power and help you learn all the answers in a snap (not like Thanos lol!). I hope this might help you in the future. All the best for your future, and may you become a ProTeen.

Author – Mary Christina

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