by Diksha Wasukar

Mug Up Or Dug Up ?

Your grades don’t determine your potential-

Why are good marks so important? Or Why they are considered as criteria to know about a student’s intellect? Well, grades are important in some aspects. But marks are just a secondary opinion; I mean knowledge is more important!

Grades just give a basic idea about how much knowledge he/she peruses as a student. It doesn’t explain about an individual in brief. There are various factors if a student does/doesn’t score well, that he may be good at mug up the chapters and doesn’t know anything about the stuff, Or maybe the person knows about the stuff but can’t able to memorize the definitions the way they are!

Let’s consider this

  • Nikhil is an underwriter. He works for a very well-known company. Graduated from A grade college and obviously have a good score record throughout. He earns a heck of an amount that’s enough to satisfy his luxuries not need.
  • Raj is a successful actor with a poor educational background but great acting skills. Has given a few blockbusters.

They both seem stable and successful in their respective fields BUT

Mr. Nikhil always wanted to be a writer. Due to the responsibilities towards the family, he never got a chance to pursue his dreams. Educational background does get him into a satisfactory income except doesn’t help him to peruse what he actually WANTS!!!!!!!!

Mr. Raj may be a successful actor but he doesn’t have any basic idea about the operations, turns out his secretary HAS BEEN FOOLING him and talking advantages of his cash flow to meet her luxuries. Mr. Raj is too dumb to understand the error but a good actor!

The importance of knowledge

Here we can see the importance of knowledge. Even if Nikhil doesn’t want to be an underwriter he earns a decent income and he can still pursue his dreams in his later life by saving up. But Raj despite of his good acting skills he lacks the basic knowledge and he may never find out about the fraud. I think the things are pretty clear here!

Let’s look at another instance:

As a youth (students) these days are in the influence of  the following proverb said by Thomson Edison, “Tomorrow is my exam, but I don’t care because a single sheet of paper can’t decide my future.” Students motivate themselves by this quotes during the exam as the proverb has said by one of the famous scientist. But what they tend to neglect is Edison’s HARD WORK and that is the only KEY!

Passion for their dreams

There are many people with a good educational background that ain’t as successful as the students from an average educational background and VICE VERSA. For people wanted to achieve something have Passion for their dreams, determination throughout, and willingness to work hard. They did not mug up, they dug up!

No one knows you better than yourself. You know who you actually are! So pull it together and work hard to chase your dreams. You don’t become successful in a day. It’s a series of challenges. If Good grades are the first step towards your dreams then you should get it. And if you think good grades are irrelevant for your dreams…………(You don’t want to end up like Mr.Raj) then learn to gain knowledge, learn to know the world you live in.

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Author – Diksha Wasukar


  • Sandeep Ahirwar
    January 22, 2020

    Some students what they do is they just dug up the subject which they don’t like.
    This attitude of the students should be changed.

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