by Vijetha Medi

Key To Reach Your Dreams

Key To Reach Your Dreams

How much did you score? What are your grades? The most frequently asked questions by everyone including our relatives as soon as results are announced. The real query is -How many of us answer confidently. Of course, many of them answer mostly those who have scored above 95%. Yes, students scoring above 95% answer will, it not that others don’t answer, they do answer but are likely to be judged and compared with other students. Is it really required to compare the grades or Is it true that grades and marks define one’s strengths and help in achieving your dreams?

In this competitive generation getting high grades is difficult but not impossible. But do you think only high grades fetch you strength or job? The answer is tricky tough. Self-confidence is one of the most important strengths of a person. A person is said to be self-confident when he/she has the courage to stand by oneself and communicate with people, firmly express their point of view with the right skills and decorum.

Key to Achieving Your Goals

Scoring good grades can also give self-confidence, but sometimes having high grades but lacking confidence, communication skills, and having average marks may not be enough. In this era, companies and business institutions are looking for an all-rounder who has good grades as well as acquires all the required skills. Studies and skills go hand-in-hand lacking either of them may make you feel incomplete.

Communication skills, confidence, and other skills help you to survive in any condition of life, Studies help you to live.

The best example is a Mother – Her studies helps her to do her job as well as help her children in their studies and her skills helps her to maintain the balance with surroundings.

Well said by someone, being an Allrounder person is not enough, until you are not good in studies.

How many of you could recognize your talents & dreams in your early childhood?

Not many right. It’s is heartbreaking to know that according to the reports only 10% of the students could recognize their talents. Is it important to know our potential at an early age?  Every one of us is blessed with a special talent or potential. Most of the time it may take a year to find it. But what if our hobbies, talents, interests were as a subject in our school.

How interesting it sounds singing, dancing, Rubik’s cube, instrumental, sports, painting, public speaking, puzzles, photography, traveling, researching, and many more were just like new subjects including regular subjects like math, science, and commerce. Learning would be happening and fascinating.

Importance Of Hobbies For Students

If these will be introduced in this era of teaching where competition is to another level, just imagine the children would engage in their respective hobbies and interests including their studies without wasting time and the fundamental growth of their mentality, physic with all-round development would have a very strong base.

On the other hand, parents would also experience the change, as they now don’t have to search in different places for different activities to draw the attention of their children. Instead, let the children choose by themselves in their schools for what kind of extra activities they want to learn – be it creative, be it practical, be it coaching for some alternative subjects, etc.

All-round development of every student starts from a very early age. So having Hobbies treated as subjects would help in many ways.

As very well said, The journey towards the Dream Destination Begins with the First Step”.

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Author – Vijetha Medi


  • Aniket Mhatre
    March 27, 2020

    Very nicely guided about how to achieve our dreams.

  • Revathy K J
    January 21, 2020

    We have to dream before our dreams come true. It clearly articulates the constructive aspects if dreaming good

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