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How to become an Automobile Engineer

So, you have an interest in automobile engineering and want to pick this as your career path. Let’s start with the simple question

How to become an Automobile Engineer

When talking about the automotive industry, most people think of car manufacturers such as Ford and General Motors. However, there are many other roles in the auto industry that are just as important. The automotive engineering field is broad and covers everything ranging from designing engines, developing and testing new prototypes, manufacturing and testing vehicles, and even gearbox engineering.
At present, the automobile industry is on the cusp of several technological breakthroughs and innovations like hybrid cars, mobile apps integration, electric vehicles, and self-driving cars! Coupled with the high local and global demand, a career in automobile engineering is one of the most prospect-rich choices available right now. If you enjoy working with your hands, solving problems, and are excited by the idea of making cars safer, better, more efficient, and environmentally friendly, then an engineering career in the automobile industry could be perfect for you.

Why should you become an automobile engineer?

Job availability and high demand

There is a huge range of jobs available due to the immense size of the automobile industry in India. Increasing demand for cars in the country has led to the rapid growth of the industry, leading to more demand for skilled automobile engineers.

Constantly developing field

Technological developments are constant, so keeping up with new developments is necessary. Hybrid cars, Electric vehicles (EVs), and self-driving cars are all examples of new, powerful technological advancements that are poised to have a dramatic impact on the car industry.

Diverse career options

Career options are diverse and promise to be interesting. These range from teaching to product design, from product development, testing to even a research role. Different specialisations are also available in different fields related to the industry.

Good pay

With plenty of job opportunities available in diverse profiles, an automobile engineer gets the best salary in the industry as it involves mechanical, electrical, and safety engineering.

Skills required for automobile engineering

While the automobile industry is very diverse and involves many different processes, some core skills are bound to be helpful no matter which specialisation or field is chosen.

  • Good technical knowledge of core subjects like mathematics, electronics, and mechanics.
  • Good attention to detail and management skills
  • Good visualisation skills and out-of-the-box thinking
  • Creative approach and innovative thinking for creative solutions
  • Excellent communication skills are important when working with other teams and processes

How can I become an automobile engineer?


According to reports, from 2016 to 2026, the automobile industry in India is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 3.05 %. India is also poised to become a dominant force in the automobile industry, paving the way for advanced car tech to enter the domestic market in the form of electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles. Automobile engineer graduates can be rest assured knowing that the new age of cars and a continually growing automobile industry ensure that job opportunities are high and lucrative.
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Should I become an Automobile Engineer?

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