by Ahelee Bhattacharya

Hobby – An Interesting Subject!

Grades & Marks Don’t Define Your Intelligence

Do marks and grades define an individual’s strength?

Marks and grades – problem to most of the students of their education system! Actually, everything depends upon the views of one. We conclude getting the positive points and negative points of this system and then a decision could be taken.


a) As humans, we’re a lot more than just numbers on a page. Each of us has an incredible variety of different strengths and talents. The abilities typically measured by grades only cover a set range of them. Intelligence is just one of the countless variables that will impact your grades.

b) Grades are a flat static scale, that isn’t as useful if you’re trying to judge something as dynamic as a person’s intellect. No single scale could give you a good look at a person’s unique mix of abilities, talents, work ethic, creativity, leadership skills, and how those traits influence one another. Relying on abstract metrics to define your strengths could lead you to miss out on great opportunities.

c) A student might know the lessons covered in class, but still, be unable to translate that into performance once it’s up for a grade. Your mental and emotional state are powerful factors. For example, a lot of people suffer from test anxiety. That can make it difficult to succeed – no matter how well you understand the material.

d) Intelligence refers to one’s ability to learn, understand, and apply knowledge and skills. But it doesn’t count for much if you don’t have the drive to do any of those things. if you’re studying something you don’t care about you’re not likely to invest much energy in trying to comprehend it.

Thus, a person with a passion that pushes them forward is more likely to come out ahead of someone who might be a genius, but who isn’t motivated.


i) Grading is a way for educators to evaluate each student’s performance and learning.

ii) Grades are easily understood by students and their parents

iii) Grades can be measured objectively since they are usually based on measurable data.

iv) Grades can give students concrete goals to aim for when they assess their own progress.

So, we can see that the system is full of advantages and disadvantages. Of the exam, the making & grading system can be set as a very interesting way that no one gets bored or tensed, the evaluation will become more meaningful to everyone.

Hobbies Help Us Grow As a Person

Everyone has his/ her own choice. One’s hobby is what he loves to do and what is his passion. But in the case of our educational system, if they choose a stream, they can’t spend much time on his interest. Things become monotonous in those cases. Students want some times to spend with themselves by doing what he really likes to do. Due to academic pressure, they are unable to continue with these things or hardly get sometimes.

If there was a chance of keeping one’s hobby to continue as a part of the syllabus, they could collect more knowledge on it, acquire more flexibility with the subject. They will get one more career option added to their academic report which is also a very important point. This could make the boring syllabus interesting with just the addition of “Hobby As Subject”.

Importance Of Hobbies In Students Life

But everything has its negative sides. Also, this one system can have negative sides. Because we know that students don’t get interested where any subject or topic is bounded within the syllabus. They can also lose interest in their hobby, their spare time relaxation is bounded within the syllabus.

So covering all points, we can get that if hobbies can be added to the syllabus, but interestingly, the thing would have a positive influence on the educational system.

Author – Ahelee Bhattacharya


  • Sandeep Ahirwar
    January 20, 2020

    It’s a pleasant article. Schools should have at least 1 or 2 hours every day to do whatever students want to do. Some of my friends are good at sports because their school supports very little in sports.

  • Pooja Purohit
    December 30, 2019

    Very sorted article with on point explanation. Keep writing.

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