by Potti Jashwanth

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In my opinion, most college students cannot possibly have a clue about their ideal career path. One, there are so many factors that influence whether you’d be happy in a certain job (role, pay, lifestyle, organizational size, quality of team, etc.). There is simply no way that you could know what you would like before actually trying out the different options. Two, there are so many different career options out there, and students gain exposure to only so much while staying within the confines of a university campus. They will encounter many new, exciting opportunities once they graduate, and only by staying open minded will they take advantage of these possibilities.

In other words, “finding and pursuing one’s passion” is not an appropriate mindset for college students because it a) makes them over analyze their career trajectory in abstract and b) encourages them to focus on a narrow path too soon

Here’s main problems :

  1. Confusion of choosing their path either their passion or parents wish.
  2. Error in prone of subject.They can’t able to realize to do in which the specialization of subjects have to do.
  3. Economic background.
  4. Lack of interest.


Understanding these challenges and solving it for students makes ProTeen a good web and app platform for students to navigate to careers for an awesome future. As we all know that the ProTeen is the thought which deals with the solutions of student’s problems who are very struggling in choosing their way to success. As this website contains the solutions including the experienced persons words and their vision, both will help students to get an perfect idea about their situation. Their suggestions will help in deciding the road map to future.

Their words motivate the students which is very necessary in each and every situation. Creating an awareness about the life is a very good idea which is doing by a wonderful website called ProTeen. When students look into the blogs and vlogs they will get the idea about how they struggled in their life and which helps them to don’t repeat the mistakes in life.  One day definitely this website will rock!

Author – Potti Jashwanth


  • Aniket Mhatre
    April 1, 2020

    Proper guidance about career is given from this article !

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