by Diksha Kabra

Be what you love!

“Do what you love, be what you want.”

How many times do we hear such words? Almost always. However we all know how difficult it can be to follow such words. Such things are even harder when we have to decide anything. Decision making can be really hard and can, literally, confuse a person, specially when it comes to making decisions regarding career options.

Earlier options were limited and choosing a career was easy but nowadays the scenario is not the same. Today’s single biggest challenge is figuring out what you really want to do. There are so many options that are available in every sector that students are unable to decide the best stream for themselves. There are more choices than ever before, and there is more information to process. Career making in India is difficult not just because people cannot decide what they want to do but also because the path to become successful is very complicated. Along with finding the interest, the courses, colleges, streams all together confuses a person.

Another thing that acts as a hurdle is the competition that is growing rapidly between students. We all agree that the world we all are entering into is a huge competition. Everyone wants to come first no matter how. Thus, they use different ways to compete, specially tuition’s. In order to come first students change tuition’s as if they are trying on clothes for trial. Everyone wants the best for their children, themselves pressurizing the students to the core.

There is no proper knowledge of any branch or any educational stream. Students usually believe what their seniors tell them or visit counselors and agree to what the results of the tests show. If they score good in science they convince to study medical or engineering, if its commerce, then they only find CA as an option and if they are good in drawing, singing, dance they blindly choose arts. Having knowledge of whatever one wants to do is really important and extremely necessary. A proper research should be done.

Fear of being judged is another main cause of choosing the wrong career option. There are certain stereotypes that make a person weak internally and then the person is unable to know his/her interest. Thus ends up being confused and taking help from unreasonable sources.

Make your choice

We should not be scared of the choices that we make. Its for you to learn and grow and that will only happen if you make mistakes and learn from them. Among all this hustle, we forget that whatever one should do is to make himself or herself happy. Main motive to lead a peaceful and a happy life is not only to earn money, study in a very reputed college, make your parents proud and choose what they thought you would be or always stand first wherever you are but is to have job satisfaction. Whatever one chooses should be according to one’s interest and what the heart says. To be precise, find your interest would be the first step in which only the person can help oneself. The other secondary helps will be the path one has to walk on.

There are many sources to get help – tuition’s, seniors, reviews etc. among all such things the most helpful source are the apps that are being launched nowadays. Apps grab the attention of many and proves to be powerful and acts as a guide. Example of one such app is ProTeen.

ProTeen is a millennial career guide app that helps the adults in unlocking their true potential. ProTeen is a gamified mobile and web experience that helps you thoughtfully navigate the world of careers and academics and understand how to make the right choices.

As we talked about how there no proper knowledge about the career options ProTeen is where one would find all the solutions. Apps and websites have as it made our lives so easy be it- shopping, news, ordering food- everything is just a click away. Same goes for career guidance, instead of seeking help from career counselors, asking seniors of their experience, depending upon what your parents thoughts are and what your friends might choose, ProTeen solves your problem at an initial state. It gives you all the career options, proper guidance from experts, expertise opinions and well conducted research with all the information one wants regarding career options.

What makes ProTeen unique? It is not only accessible for the students but parents, schools, mentors, enterprises may also use this app.

Choosing a career is definitely a huge task for students but parents, schools etc have an important role to play too. Making their children choose a right path and dealing with teenage psychology is a big deal for the mentors, schools and especially parents. ProTeen brings focus and takes a fresh approach to the standard psychometric assessment of intelligence and aptitude. Students only form the base of a school and without students there is nothing like a school. Schools and mentors help in the building of a strong generation, thus ProTeen would be a great option to use. ProTeen is also a sponsorship platform for corporate and academic institutions that’s aspire to get connected with very specific young adult communities in a socially responsible way.

So, if you don’t know what you should be doing after 12th standard or are confused with what career you should be building. Answer to all your confusions is ProTeen app. It will give you a complete insight and you will no longer have a hard time in making decisions.

Author – Diksha Kabra


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