by Ria Vohra

Career Is A Bird With Wings!


Fly like a bird

If we define Career, then it would be like an occupation undertaken for a significant periods of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress. Career covers almost half part of our lives and so does it is important for a living. When we talk about progress in a career or progress opportunities, these are only possible when you have interest in your work. A career can be in any field but to have progress in that field is not possible until you have keen interest in that work.

Career, for some, can be very healthy and secure future but for some others, it can be a fear to fall again and again. Making a choice for which subject to opt for as a career is sometimes very difficult. While choosing a career everyone faces a trio condition, i.e., family’s expectations, following friends and the third one is a comparison with others.

From the time a child is born, everyone is worried about what he will become or what he or she will choose as a career option, whereas even some do not have choices left for them as their parents decide it in the pressure of society’s comparison.


Following friends in homework, assignments, projects and relationships make a student so much dependent on friends that he or she even do not care about their own career preferences and blindly follow the friends.


Comparison with others is nothing new in a society where we live. Some make comparisons and some don’t but at the same time they feel competition is best to raise grades of the students.

Opting for a perfect career is must for the overall growth and development of the students. In earlier times choosing a career was not this much difficult as at that time choices were less. But in our time there are numerous choices available. And some of them are even not heard about. So it becomes a necessity to take help of those who have experience in this field, or I should say the Career Counselors. Career Counselor’s job is to help students and their parents or guardians in selecting a perfect career for their children.

During school time students are told that the more they score, the better career stream they will get. The rat race not only stops there it continues till the time it has competition. The fear of students for not getting marks up to their parents expectations results in stress. Stress is not good for any human being and these are small students. So the impact of stress that they would face at their age is harmful to them and their career too. In stress they can opt for a career which does not match their skills and interests.

Sometimes students follow their friends. While doing this they should keep in mind that whatever their friend are choosing ,are choosing for their own which might not match their skills and interests leading to a loss of good future. A career is the only thing that can bring a good future for you. So while making the choice for career one should keep in mind that whatever they are doing are doing for themselves and their family, following others might not help in getting the best career.

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Probably no one would have ever thought of such a simple, easy and interesting way of choosing the most important part of our life , i.e., the career. Just answer some interesting questions on your thoughts, earn various ProCoins and then start playing to choose your destination. So much easy, so much fun. Now choosing a career is not a thing to disturb you and your family, its easy as an interesting game.

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Author – Ria Vohra


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