by Dr. Swagatika Mishra

Days in the life of an orthopedic doctor

It was very fascinating for me to see a patient comes in your department in a wheel chair but when he leaves, he is walking by himself & gets back to his normal life.” Professional – Orthopedic doctor

Why ProTeen

ProTeen, the millennial career guide app, unlocks the true potential of young adults. ProTeen’s gamified web and mobile platform helps students make informed academic and career decisions.

The interactive career guide gives students first-hand, experiential knowledge of every profession, from mainstream to obscure. Counted by students to be amongst the top few apps that improve their lives, ProTeen goes beyond mere information. It includes life building games based on tasks and skills and enables young adults to track their goals. Advanced analytics give them confidence to make the right academic and career decisions.


  • Tisha waghela
    November 11, 2019

    We need more humans like this!

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