by Pankaj Gupta

The Modern Skillful Kalidasa!

Modern Skillful Kalidasa

Everyone must have heard of ‘Kalidasa’, one of the wisest man in the history of the nation.. It is conceived that he was so dull in his early years that once he chopped off the same branch of the tree that he was sitting atop.. What he lacked then was the skillful disposition of his common sense.. He worked day and night on this weakness of his and finally was able to overcome the same.. ‘Skills’ thus serves the same purpose for the completion of any task what brain serves to the body..

The statistics of students dropping out of schools and colleges, not only in India but across the globe has been in the upswing, over the past few decades.. Something must be largely wrong with the education system.. The loophole occurs as much importance is laid basically on the delivery of theoretical knowledge and little to the skillful enlightenment of the students..

21st Century Skilling to complement the Academic Curriculum is of much importance in the modern era.. The youth of the country is at majority, blinded by the alluring dream of settling fast though for a middle- class job, when they have all the potentials to achieve something bigger and greater.. It is this cushion of a routine and easy life ahead that makes them not to strive hard and explore their strengths to the fullest..

What 21st Century Skilling Program does, is that it makes the candidates aware of their hidden talents and boosts their confidence.. It would be right to believe that this program can also help reduce the rate of unemployment by making the human resources more accessible and thus more handy in their fields of interest..

ProTeen’s has an online certification program for High school and College students interested in 21st century skills.. It is based on the World Economic Forums top 15 global skills as listed below:

1- Analytical Thinking and Innovation..

2- Active Learning and Learning Strategies..

3- Creativity, Originality and Initiative..

4- Technology, Design and Programming..

5- Critical Thinking and Analysis..

6- Complex Problem Solving..

7- Leadership and People Management..

8- Emotional Intelligence..

9- Reasoning, Problem Solving and Ideation..

10- Systems Analysis and Evaluation..

11- Cognitive Flexibility..

12- Judgement and Decision- Making..

13- Service Orientation..

14- Negotiation..

15- Social Influence and Co-ordination..

No one came up to us suggesting that if we don’t like Mathematics, we need not to study it; and no one guided us towards the achievement of our goals.. Obviously, no one will come up to you either suggesting not to waste time on Maths, being it elementary upto high school, but to guide and motivate oneself, the program offers much to grab without anything to lose, thus making 21st century skilling a requisite complement to the academic curriculum..

Only people with better skills can make the earth a better place to live within.. We have some bountiful examples where a college or school drop-out went on to become a successful entrepreneur, thus bringing a global change.. Indeed, they were people with best requisite skills for the job.. It may not always be possible that students are able to comprehend what they’re made for.. ‘Proteen’s 21st Century Skilling Certification’ Program serves this purpose of exploring the unexplored..

Skillful Nature

By 2022 an estimated 133 million new roles will emerge in response to the new division of labor between humans, machines and algorithms.. Given the changing nature of jobs, employers are looking beyond degrees to 21st Century Skills..

The certificate highlights the student’s professional as well as skillful nature.. The candidate is made independent; he/she is able to understand a long term goal, access the steps needed to achieve it, and work on his/her portion of those steps.. What employers look forward to these days is not only the amount of knowledge possessed by the candidate but also the successful implementation of those skills and knowledge in adverse conditions.. ProTeen’s skilling certificate suggests the ability to adjust well to the environment of the task.. Everyone is a part of the society and should work accordingly for its betterment.. The certificate helps to abound in this aspect as well..

What really matters is the career goal and the nature of job the student opts for.. The certificate helps the student to discover their field of interest by tracking down their strengths.. And I have never heard of a person who is dissatisfied working on his/her subject of interest.. The certificate also instills in the candidate the willingness to learn quickly from their mistakes without fear or stress and grow wise, thus making them idle for any job opportunity..

It provides the opportunity of decision-making and also to lead from the front. Forces one to be creative, original, initiative as well as innovative. Urges one to stand up for the society while also making room for one’s own emotional intelligence, thus making ProTeen’s 21st century skilling certification really handy. Go for it!

Author – Pankaj Gupta


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    January 28, 2020

    The title is absolutely engaging, and so is the article.

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    January 26, 2020

    A very useful article on the need of the hour – Skills

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    January 22, 2020

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