by Kaveri S

Passion As Career

Find Your Career Passion

What is your career plan? What is your passion? What is the best career option for you?

When you find your passion, it gives immense personal satisfaction than anything else gives. What’s your 10th and 12th Board marks?. Do you really think this marks are going to define your career? No, it’s obviously not.

“Marks doesn’t mark a person & should not be considered as the only parameter to make career selection”

Learning and studying or two extreme concepts we always gets confused.

My father helped me to ride a bicycle in Class 3.Yes, I fell and got wounded. But, now I can ride a cycle even though i have not touched it for years. What I want to say is! .’Experience makes learning more interesting’ whereas, Studying and mugging up syllabus won’t.

Career Passion Quotes :

Grades can define Intelligence, but not skills”.

Strength is not something you are good at,

Weakness is not something you are bad at,

Strength is doing something Enjoyable,

irrespective of Marks and Persons”.

Everybody is a genius,

            but if you judge a fish

            by its ability

            to climb the tree, 

            it will live its whole life

            believing that it is stupid”!


Career Passion Examples :

Once you find your passion try to make that Passion as a Best Career Option. A.R Rahman’s career and passion are same as music, likewise Sachin in Cricket. They are living examples that Academics is not mandatory for skills.

What Is My Passion?

To find your passion one need to find an answer to this question for it you need to ask yourself “what do i love to do the most?” “what is it that i enjoying doing the most?”. By answering such career passion quiz questions one can know what they truly love to do.

Being a Photographer, DJ’s, Pilot, Actor or Actress is no lesser  than Engineering and Medicine. No job is inferior than one!

Be aware of you, not what the society speaks“.

Explore the world !

Wish you all the best for your future.

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Author – Kaveri S S


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  • Anshuman
    April 3, 2020

    Follow your passion.

  • Aniket Mhatre
    March 27, 2020

    Very Interesting article . Everyone should must read how passion is related with career.

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