by Isha Kelaskar

Ocean Of Opportunities!

School and College should prepare you for life in the real-world. And it does…well..sort of!

We learn literature, chemical reactions, arithmetic’s all at once in school. In College we choose a stream and focus on a particular subject and do our masters in it. Imagine choosing a career for what we are passionate about and we also have the appropriate skills to do complete the task, how great is that going to be. Being successful in our life, doing what we love and even getting paid for it; it’s like a welcome addition.

Choosing careers that need a particular set of skills, that make the job out of the box which any university can’t teach us, it has to come out of our skills, the job expects us to be innovative so be it, finally our skills are going to help us accomplish the task and not the textbook knowledge.

Schools and colleges guide us towards the right path, they teach us, they help us identify our skills but at the end of the day is it us who are going to enter the real world and face consequences and then those skills are going to define us and show the world where we stand.

Do marks and grades received in School and College define an individual’s strength?

Michael Dell, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Evan Williams, Mark Zuckerberg; I am sure you have heard about their success stories. They all have one thing in common that is they are college drop outs. They didn’t need a college degree or marks to become who they are now.

To become a successful person you should have the appropriate skills and the ability to work under any given circumstances.

You cannot simply measure someone’s personal worth based on one sheet i.e. the marksheet.  How is a grade on a test supposed to measure one’s intelligence, wisdom, and overall abilities? If any test is to be conducted there is should a personality assessment test which will help you detect your skills and join courses which will help you develop those skills; the only possible end result is that you will be doing something you desire in your life . Your skills are not just your hobbies you never know if you dig deep an MNC can use your help to develop their product.

The Hobbies / Interests/ Skills section of a resume should be considered equally important as the Education section. Individuals are more focused on getting into the best university or the best certified course which will in return provide them certificates which provide them a good portfolio. Is education so very important that an individual’s talent has to be sacrificed, he/ she has to work for the rest of their life doing something which gives them income, a good lifestyle but what about happiness what they really wanted to achieve in life. A poet gives up his/her career just because they aren’t recognized, there is no good pay or a platform to represent themselves.

This is where the ProTeen app platform is going to be very helpful. ProTeen is an app which will provide you with a lot of career options to choose from and decide what you’re good and apt for you. ProTeen is a platform who will give you an opportunity to explore your options and to add frosting on the cake many top leaders from industry come visit and explain that skills are required for the job not just knowledge.  Skills and knowledge are two sides of the same coin. ProTeen provides you with a 21st Century Skills Certification Program which focuses more on the Top 15 global relevant skills based on the World Economic Forum. For students, ProTeen perfectly explains the idiom “Ocean of opportunities”!

Author – Isha Kelaskar


  • Aniket Mhatre
    March 31, 2020

    Its really a great article , that how should one choose a perfect career !

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