by Yukti Jain

Memory Bits, Admission Bites!

Difference Between Memorizing & Learning

Memorizing is like a commitment to grasp something in your mind. It means how you learn something by heart. Remembering a particular task, words, phrases is what memorizing means. While memorizing takes a longer time, for some, memorizing is not as easy as it seems. Some memorize by choice or some due to authoritative circumstances. Memorizing is a mental process. This means you simply try to make your brain understand that it has to remember something.

It involves the psychological process of maintenance. Rehearsal includes various techniques in which you can memorize like repetition, remembering rote learning, and other verbal techniques. Eg: Students memorize poems to recite them in an elocution competition. He/She will memorize it, but after the competition, they might forget it. So, when a person memorizes something, they don’t need to always remember it. Eg: a teacher asks his/her students to repeat a particular phrase 5 times. Children might remember it for a few days, but after that, they might forget it.

Memorizing vs Learning

Learning is a process of acquiring knowledge through the basics of understanding, conceptualizing ideas, skills, remembering & behaviors. It is a form of perceiving new things through alteration in human behavior. The key techniques involved in learning are discrimination, analysis of tasks, personal problems, mistakes, concept formation, perceptual learning, imitation, and conditioning. Learning can be authoritative but is generally a personal choice. When a person learns something, it usually remains in their mind for a longer period of time. It is more of a voluntary task that might require regular practice and that also becomes a part of life.

Learning might have various concepts; the goal is however the same. As far as learning is concerned remembering is more efficient and effective for it helps in the growth of a human being. They realize their innate capabilities and potential. Learning has the capability of creating an impact or effect (positive/negative) on our minds. Eg: when a student learns for a particular exam, he/she tries to not only memorize but also try to understand it which means that it will remain in their mind for a longer period of time. For example, when a student is taught about manners and etiquette, he/she will try to always inculcate it in their daily lives.

Both being a part of the same branch has completely a different concept. These words form the basis of reasoning and understanding. Memorizing deals with the concept of remembering a task while Learning deals with how to initiate the task that has been memorized by the brain. Learning and Memorizing, both go hand in hand which means each has a function that complements the other.

Admission Bites

Today, we can see competition everywhere. Be it in the education or the employment sector. Every single person is trying to compete with one another. One can even say that people realize the importance of better results that automatically helps build a good image because of competition. Today the amount of people fighting to get a seat is quite high because almost all the sectors are improving and are welcoming new talents.

In India, the population number is the key role that defines the importance of Limited seats. Nowadays, due to the craze of high competition, every person is trying to put in all their efforts in the best possible manner. When we see the educational sector, the studies, the role played by children, the flexibility in education is something that has led children to acquire proper knowledge as well as enhance their skills. But what we don’t realize is that there are only a minimum number of educational institutes that provide facilities actually required for a student’s growth and to get in there, one needs to have the percentage required.

Each child has its own uniqueness and capabilities.

The only way they are judged is through their academic performance which in reality, should not be the case. When we welcome all talents that are only when dreams can be turned into reality. Today students are working hard, day and night to get into their dream college. We can say that for a few years, colleges have been quite lenient in giving marks which affect the talent of the students actually working hard for then the competition of getting into a reputed college becomes difficult.

Every child has ambition, inspiration, and dreams that make them strive hard to achieve their goal. Competition is good, but healthy competition is even better. Today in India, which is a country that is diverse and people from all communities reside here, acquires seats in colleges due to the policy of Quota System that again acts as a hindrance for the students with better skills.

Sometimes, it also happens that the seats to the students are not given due to political pressure. Eg: a student who got 93.33% in exams, gets rejected for the percentage require for getting admission was 93.35% A little change can have a huge impact on the student’s future. Well, we know the competition is too high, talent is too high, but the only space we are lacking behind is the employment and education sector. Well, here we can only hope to have a better future for the kids who deserve their talents to be explored and used appropriately.

Author – Yukti Jain

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