by Shristy Jain

Cat Amidst The Rat Race!

I always imagined that which type of skills do I have in my personality as a student that helps me to become impressive to the very first sight and the methods through which I can identify my hidden talents in my personality?? What is my passion and life goals?

Usually, students of high schools and college – going teens like me become confused about the conundrum of our career and goals. Actually, I  failed to identify my passion and skills or in the absence of improper guidance, I  made choices in the wrong direction.

So, here is the magical wand of ProTeen’s “21st Century Skills”. These skills helped  to develop my personality.These skills gives me the benefits in my academic curriculum by –
a. track out my academic subject scores and gives suggestions for matching professions.
b. track my career goal outcomes on strengths, skills, subject scores and favorite subjects.

These skills gives me an aid to my academic curriculum’s and helped to find  right choices in the field of my life goals.

In this world of rat – racing, students lose their uniqueness and become crushed and hindered and disabled to guess out their real talents and passion due to lack of development into their skills. Usually, high school and college students are facing this problem a lot.

I’m also a college-going student. Now, it’s my time that I also build my own image and show my own uniqueness to this world. In spite of following rat – race, I should have to develop “21st Century Skills”, so that my personality become an example for others.

Thus, ProTeen’s “21st Century Skills” proved to be useful for me. Here, I mentioned the skills which ProTeen helps to develop into myself-
Analytical Thinking and Innovation
Active learning and learning strategies
Creativity, Originality and Initiative
Technology Design and Programming
Critical thinking and Analysis
Complex Problem Solving
Leadership and people Management
Emotional Intelligence
Reasoning, Problem Solving and Ideation
Systems Analysis and Evaluation
Cognitive Flexibility
Judgement and decision making
Service Orientation
Social influence and Coordination

ProTeen provides certification courses which helps the students like me to unlock my skills. 30-min.sessions along with 60 min. Hand’s on 5 sessions by Industry Experts(PhD., B.E., MBA) through potential interactive workshops. The key for unlocking the career skills also provided by ProTeen.

These certification courses means a lot for college and high school students and proved to be beneficial for their future. Also, the seeds of these skills into me harvests a young youth leader for the society.

With ProTeen you can be the Cat amidst the rat race!

Author – Shristy Jain


  • Kaveri S S
    January 22, 2020

    We need to analyse ourselves. We are not like other rats in race.We should be unique. Nice article

    January 20, 2020

    Many are like Rats in Race failed to being unique.
    Catchy title.

  • Pooja Purohit
    December 31, 2019

    These extra stills are our gateway to uniqueness & help us in standing out from the croud.

  • Disha
    December 26, 2019

    Don’t be a rat in the rat race!!!
    Build your own pace

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