by Sukanya Nayak

Your Trustworthy Companion

Your Companion

We all must have heard our parents and elders say that our generation has such a plethora of opportunities to choose from, something that was unimaginable back in their time. Rightly so, with so many new subjects being added to the existing streams and new career paths opening up everyday. But with more choices, comes more confusion. Back in the day, selecting a stream was equivalent to locking up the career path as well. While science translated to medical/engineering, humanities to lectureship and so on. But now in addition to making the choice of what stream to choose, what career path to follow is also a big decision which shapes our efforts and future.

Teenagers and college-students often find themselves confused as to how to proceed, and the constant advice and suggestion by the people around us does not make the choice any easier either. Amongst this confusion it is very crucial to make sure that a correct decision, as the entire future of a student depends on this.

To add to the above-mentioned confusion, expectations from family members also create problems. Families may want the student to take a certain career path which they feel is the best, but that might not be what the student wants. We may take up the path recommended by them in a bid to live up to their expectations, but if we ourselves are not interested in the field the consequences going ahead will be quite severe. There is also a tendency to go around the same lines the peer group is going, which is again inaccurate. Most teachers seem to suggest a career path we are academically good at, but marks do not indicate long-term interest in that field.

Hence the stakes are very high and the decision a tough one to make. Most students find themselves perplexed as to what to do, whom to listen to and what to choose among the sea of choices available. Making a wrong choice leads to regret, feeling of incompetence and a huge question mark on what our career holds in future. In all this confusion, it is very necessary to seek guidance from experts who have in-depth knowledge and can help the student in taking a correct and sustainable decision. Therefore, each and every student should realise the importance of this decision and the stakes that accompany it. Instead of getting lost in the chaos, reaching out to the right guidance to ensure a successful and fulfilling career is imperative.

A correct guidance is very crucial for students in making the right choice regarding their stream and career. They may feel confused and perplexed with the plenty of choices which are available to them. To add to it, multiple sources of pressure and advice like parents, teachers, peers etc. Hence in this day and age, consultation from experts is a must to take the correct decision.

To rescue you from all this confusion and the complication, comes ProTeen.  ProTeen is a mobile and web-based gamified experience that helps you to thoughtfully navigate the world of careers and academics and understand how to match your skills and strengths to those required in the real world. Instead of getting conflicted in a maze of information, ProTeen guides you to make an educated and accurate choice.

Whether it be about which subjects to choose or what major to opt for, ProTeen is your one-stop solution about all the decisions you need to make as a student. And what’s more, ProTeen has dedicated sections for parents and mentors as well, to make sure the ones around you also get to be a part of the process. Other than guidance, ProTeen can be used as a platform to get excellent opportunities. From internships and projects to sponsorship’s, ProTeen is right there to provide it all to you. Hence from guiding to shaping your career, ProTeen is the best trustworthy companion you could ever ask for.

Enough being confused as to what to do, what stream to choose and what major to opt for in college. Let the experts at ProTeen guide you through the process using a unique gamified experience. All this while getting relevant opportunities to strengthen your resume and putting you step ahead from all the competition in the professional world. Sign-up on ProTeen now!

Author – Sukanya Nayak


  • Kaveri S S
    January 22, 2020

    Our trust worthy companion is Parents. Because they are working for us without selfishness

    January 21, 2020

    Choosing some guidance is the best solution to Come out of confusion.
    Well said

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