by Meghna Lall

Fighting The War Within!

Making the right academic and career decisions is often like “fighting a war within” for most students. As a student, I have myself had the opportunity to observe and reflect upon this and broadly find that there are five reasons for this:

Lack of knowledge

As children, they are kept in a reserved and protected environment. The proceedings of the outside world seem excessive and uninteresting. They remain in this nutshell where they are directed and guided by their  families. The activities performed by the child are also limited. They are restricted to the world of their own child-like imagination.  Thus, it’s not surprising to believe they lack real-life, practical knowledge about professions.

Parental pressure

Yes! it’s 2018 yet today’s generation is majorly influenced by their parents. Obviously, it is unsaid. It is so subtle that a third person would not even feel a tinge of it from the outside. In high school, there are broadly three categories – Science, Commerce and Humanities. Where the first and second are accepted with a lot of pride, the third is scrapped out even without mentioning.

Peer pressure

As being an adolescent, accept it or not, but peers are extremely influential. Every child has a different perspective of judging their peer. Some they adore, some detest and the others aren’t even noticed. Similarly, the life choices of the adored are looked up to. They seem to have blind faith in others but themselves.

False stereotyping

Our country has given the most importance to the biggest financial investors, actors, scientists, sports players , politicians etc. But where does all the credit go when it comes to psychologists, DJ’s , chefs, photographers? Yes, these are paths which requires one some ‘dare’ to choose. But why? Shouldn’t it be treated like an equally important profession. Yes it’s a choice and regardless of what it pays, it is a choice.

Fulfilling duties towards family

Not everybody is blessed to have an economic background that satiates their educational needs. Even if the needs are basic, one requires emotional support as well. It’s not only about the gender biased educational benefits but surely about poverty prevailing in our country. The children feels it’s their job to release the pressure of their family by choosing a profession that is not their forte. This benefits neither the organization nor the student in the long run.

These are the a handful of reasons why a child faces difficulties in taking the right career choices. The others being reasons such as low self-belief and simply sheer confusion. Nonetheless, as responsible individuals it is our responsibility to guide the youth and take our country in the right direction.


Author – Meghna Lall


  • sanskriti savaran singh
    January 24, 2020

    I absolutely agree with false stereotypes.

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