by Ashutosh Maharana

4 Challenges Of Students!

Challenges of Students

Challenges! These are an intrinsic part of our life just like happiness and sorrow. In a way, they are the building blocks of our life as they help us find solutions to move ahead and make our life easier. In this article let’s focus on the challenges faced by a student as this is a phase where the brain develops ideas and connects the dots.

Affordability challenge

Amongst the several challenges faced by a student, poverty can be a major one. In my view, most students drop out of schools and colleges due to financial obstacles within their family. It is the first barrier a young child faces in life. You might have seen some NGO’s (Non-Government Organization’s) seeking donations to fund young school going children.

Comparison challenge

Another wide spread problem amongst students is being “compared” with other students. Your parents may have compared you with some other kid in the neighboring block or you would have been a role model example for some other parents for their child. “Comparison” can many a times lead to unhealthy competition – be it in studies or sports or other pursuits, giving rise to personality conflicts between two young minds.

Amidst the “You Win or You lose” races, students can at times try to do everything possible but not necessarily ethical or right, to come out as a winner. This can erode values to be inculcated by education. We are students now but we must vow that as future parents, we will encourage education and not unhealthy competition. Rather than have students memorizing stuff temporarily to “Win” through exams we must instead motivate students for learning and becoming truly knowledgeable and valuable to the society.

Omnipresent challenge

Bullying is another omnipresent challenge. You may have seen some kids trying to dominate or abuse other kids at school or college. Tolerating bullying can add a few more boundaries to a child who is already feeling like a ‘caged bird’ and over time rob them of the opportunity to unlock to their true potential.

Materialism challenge

Lastly, there’s the challenge of “materialism”. There would always be experiences in everyone’s lives when as kids we had a friend who brandished an expensive watch or toy or a mobile phone that you too desired to own! At times you could perhaps get it from emotional demands made to your parents. If that does happen, you know what to do the next time you want something and this can lead to developing this into a skill of sorts that you end of practicing not just with your parents but with everyone around you.

It would be great if our education institutions provide us the environment where challenges are shown as opportunities to kids, failures are considered as stepping stones for learning and success is celebrated as a continuum of knowledge acquired by navigating through challenges and failures – the more the merrier!

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Author – Ashutosh Maharana


  • Donald Solanki
    January 27, 2020

    The important thing is that we make sure students don’t feel stressed about these challenges. If they’re stressed they won’t be able to focus on their tasks.

  • Sandeep Ahirwar
    January 21, 2020

    Your article is worth it. There are lakhs of students who are not able to study because of the money problems. whereas there are some students having lot of money and go to school for just time pass.
    Comparison is the worst thing I ever heard because it demotivates the students. Mostly parents compare their child with the neighborhood child. They think that it will help in motivating their children but what happens is they get demotivated.

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