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A Leading Global Digitally Enabled Career Guidance Platform

ProTeen is an integrated digital career guidance platform that helps students through the process of selecting an academic stream, identifying their interests and aptitude, and enabling skill development required for 21st century employment. Designed for both high school and college students, ProTeen is the essential first step towards becoming career-ready.

In our quest to spread career awareness and guidance globally, ProTeen is looking to forge alliances with like-minded franchise partners who are willing to invest the time, have the commitment and the passion required to be successful in achieving the long-term vision of making career guidance a reality for every student.

ProTeen understands the critical nature and impact of career guidance in the life of a young and confused student. Our promise is to deliver the highest quality of career guidance and counseling to effectively shape and mold the future of our country’s youth.

Partner with ProTeen

    • Backed by Science and Research
    • Certified Counsellor Program
    • Part of NEAT, By MoE & AICTE

    ProTeen’s Counselling Partner Program

    ProTeen implements a unique high-tech, high-touch approach providing the optimal combination of integrated academic and career guidance platform paired with trained career experts.

    Proprietary 3D awareness Engine

    ProTeen’s proprietary 3D Awareness Engine is designed to provide a scientific, holistic, and experiential approach to making smart academic and career decisions in the 21st century.

    Smart Tech backed by Science

    The ProTeen platform incorporates research from leading global bodies in cognitive psychology, development psychology, and occupational themes, and most importantly, Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences. The results are scientifically backed and validated and take a fresh and unbiased approach to standard psychometric assessments in use today.

    21st Century Skills Program

    The program, based on the World Economic Forum’s top 15 skills, is designed to enable students to succeed in the evolving digital economy.

    Certified Counsellor Program

    A 20 hour program designed for counsellors, psychologists, educators, etc. to train them on the best counselling practices and new-age methods.

    Ambiance & Design

    We help you to design an attractive career centre that will engage students and give them an environment in which they can learn and thrive. Perk up your centre’s interiors and exteriors using our brand assets.

    Knowledge Bank

    A one-stop repository to store your knowledge base. From counselling manuals to career insights, ProTeen shares all the secrets of running a successful career centre.

    Lead Generation and Marketing Support

    ProTeen contiously provides co-branding, marketing, and prospect lead generation support to ensure local, regional and national visibility.

    • 80000
      Students Counselled
    • 153
      Premier Academic Institutes & Career Centers
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    Empowering career counsellors
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    Career counselling

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    Minimum 600 sq. ft Area

    You must have a minimum space of 600 sq. feet to house a counselling room, a lab, and a meeting hall in your career centre.

    Financial Investment

    The initial investment depends on your location and the city that you are based in. We estimate that this will be in the range of Rs. 5-10 lacs.

    Long-term Vision

    Partners must be willing to invest the time, have the commitment and the passion required to be successful in achieving the long-term vision of making career guidance a reality for every student.

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