by Ms. Shailaja Mulay

Rainbow in your career path

Career Path

A career is a solar system with the individual as the center! The orbit of the career progression is the Multiple Intelligence, Aptitude, Personality and Interest. At times, the interest is temporary driven by factors such as role-model’s, monetary gains, social aura enjoyed by the person, etc. Very often, parents impose their dreams on children, who are their satellites. This too does not happen intentionally, but it is an indirect deal and appeal. These are days of comparison, competition and cognizance – more for the parents, less for the children!

Every career has a road map to follow and it is as unpredictive as the GPS. Just as the GPS shows only the main points, the career path shows only the social recognition pointers. This very often causes disaster and frustration and nervous breakdowns. PROMISE – ProTeen Multiple Intelligence Synthesis Engine is one aspect which helps an individual to know oneself, know the suitable career and the right path to tread.

Every career needs the vitamins of capability, proteins of interest and the carbohydrates of sustainability! A career is not only the paper degree of the course but together with it, it needs the personality ingredients and the presentation of the emotions and the tolerance factor in the world of work. This is what ProTeen is all about.

Rainbow in your career path

If I may use the colors of the rainbow, it simply means a career is VIOLET in its brightness and so luring, INDIGO as it progresses on the way, BLUE in its hard work needed, GREEN in its attraction, YELLOW for the obstacles and hurdles on the paths, ORANGE in its beauty as seen from the distance and RED in its threats along the way. Everyone goes through this and hence a career should be chosen as per the interest of the individual, for which one holds a true passion coupled with a frill of common sense and logic. Career is a mission to be achieved with efforts and persistence. This is easily said than done at an adolescent age but needs guidance and mentoring throughout.

Dream, but be realistic and not woolgathering, think big but be practical, and choose whatever suits you best. It is like selecting clothes which fit you better and make you look presentable. It must have the fitting edge and be like the beautiful rainbow in the sky.

Wish you a happy career exploration and may you find the right one with ProTeen!

Author – Ms. Shailaja Mulay


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