by Vishlesh Singh

Love. Choice. Career!


“Choose your love. Love your choice.”   –Thomas S Monson.

We all have gone through a point of time where we find ourselves standing at the ‘crossroads’ and asked a question which might haunt you all your life ‘What are you going to study next’? This question often makes students intimidating and frustrating as they are also aware of the fact that it, one way or another can have a vigorous effect on their lives. It has been noticed that teenagers always fancies those dream jobs and careers which would have less stress, less study, easy study or even get a privilege to travel a lot. Although, it is not less than a war going inside a student’s mind what to pursue.

Decision making is no less than a puzzle

Not many students realize that decision making is also a skill and it actually evolves with time to time just like any other skill. But, considering this situation where we almost have the situation of “Do or Die” it is not relevant to take a chance. This skill is spurred in a student from time to time and it starts right after you finish your 8th grade or 10th grade. Students also have to choose the second language after they finish 8th grade, for example, Hindi or Sanskrit. If a student has developed a mindset of taking responsible decisions and crystal clear about what they want to be or would like to pursue then it gets a lot easier and stresses free.

Choice has to be yours

Many parents decide to take this decision of their children by themselves because they think it can have major after effects on their lives as well as their children’s lives and they just don’t count on their children to take this decision as this is the first major decision in every student’s life. This is where they go wrong somehow. Every student deserve to choose what he/she wants to be and why? They want to stay focused on the field where they don’t feel it is their work instead,  Students find it fun. Yes, it has a huge impact on their life but they have to develop this quality to taking responsibility starting off with their own life. It’s always better to start early.

What to choose? Too much confusion

This is one of the biggest problem faced by the students. They have to choose between two key subjects they have studied till 10th grade with an almost equal amount of dedication; Mathematics and Biology. Its hard to pick one from these two so what students or mostly their parents result in doing is that picking up the subject for their children they got good marks in. This might seems like a convenient choice but it is not. This can be backfired if a student might not be getting a good grade in a specific subject but feel can study with a lot more passion than any other subject.

This is the part where your creativity and interest come into play. Can you imagine how satisfying and fun it would be if you get to do something which you love the most and agree on doing your entire life? Ask yourself a question ‘Is this just it?’ ‘Is this what I want to do for my entire life?’ If deep down, you feel solace in doing something like this then, just go for it. Students should pursue those subjects they feel more passionate about and they feel they can do better in it. It shouldn’t be influenced by any of their classmates because not every child is the same. Every student has a unique set of skills, strengths, and weaknesses and hence it’s very important to take unique decision for every student.

Love Your Career Choice

Recently, we talked about the various challenges a student face after 10th grade and how it is important to be aware that this is a huge responsibility and any kind of compromise can affect their lives and haunt them. Digital platforms like ProTeen are such a great source for young students to discover what they really love.

A student must understand that it is not necessarily you have to be like others. You don’t have to choose what seems more privileged for this society instead of choosing what you feel like doing and would be okay doing your entire life. ProTeen provides their various Blogs and Vlogs which are captivating to young minds and let them think about what enhances their interest capabilities.

Creativity is again a major factor which triggers the young minds and their interest in the specific field they like. ProTeen enables them to have different articles about several topics from which students may choose what they want to choose and work on their creativity as it plays a vital role. If you’ll be more creative you will learn more.

ProTeen has series of Vlogs with the name ‘Day In The Life’ which feature several professional, successful people who are working in their field and gives students a glimpse of what a professional point of views on the specific course. It can help young aspirants to learn from other people’s experience and what experts have to about their course.

Love your career choice!

Author – Vishlesh Singh



  • Sandeep Ahirwar
    January 21, 2020

    It is true that if you love what you do then you will enjoy the every moment of that work. If you do what you don’t like then it becomes burden.

  • Bhargav Maradana
    January 21, 2020

    Amazing article.
    Great work

  • Rea DSouza
    January 18, 2020

    Lovely write-up. It is important that we love what we do so that our job feels less like labour and more like our passion.

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