by Divya Maurya

Knock out your career fears!

Career fears

We teens want to dive high in the sky. We want to be spontaneous and adventurous.We do not want to stick to something. Instead we want to explore different things and have a lot of fun. This is how my generation is. If I have to describe my generation in one word I would say tech-savvy.

But when it comes to choosing a career we are clueless. With our parents wanting us to choose a career according to our skills it becomes almost nerve wracking sometimes to decide what should be done. Do I choose something I am passionate about or should I select a safer option and do what others are doing? This isn’t it, there are many such questions coming up in our minds making it even harder for us to pick a career.

It is our normal human tendency to get confused when we have many options to choose from. Same happens with us. We youngsters have been provided with so many career choices that we are stuck with thinking what would suit us the best.

There is peer pressure too which affects our choices. Our friends wanting us to choose what they choose. There is parental pressure. Parents wanting their children to become what they want them to become. Along with this the marks/grades cut offs of admissions into streams like engineering is rising every year making it difficult for average minded students to get into that particular stream. Apart from this we ourselves do not know our interests and potential. It is indeed a tough job to choose a career when we are bombarded and spoil for choice.

Why to fear when ProTeen – “the lifesaver” is here!

ProTeen makes our lives easy by providing a quick solution to all the challenges that we face when it comes to career selection. ProTeen is easy to use. It provides us with modern approach to intelligence and aptitude. We can ask our parents and teachers to connect to ProTeen as well so that they can track our progress. We get to see personalized career options that can help one to realise their true potential.

ProTeen comes to the rescue of hundreds of teenagers who have no idea about pursuing a career. ProTeen’s assessment and functionality is built as a unique mobile and web based gamified experience that allows students to navigate the world of careers and academics to understand how to match their strengths and skills to those required in the real world. ProTeen helps one to realise their true inner potential. It also provides a community of like minded peers and chat groups. It is a wonderful app and web platform that I personally would recommend to my peers.

Why to take a wrong choice when you can make a pro choice with ProTeen. We can chill on our couches and sip our coffees while ProTeen will help us select the right career option.

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Author – Divya Maurya


  • sanskriti savaran singh
    January 24, 2020

    True. all the blogs I read so far, I have only learned new things.

  • Bhargav Maradana
    January 21, 2020

    I too have experienced the same. It would be much better to teens to go with proteenlife as it has many stuff for them to get into a right path.

  • Rea DSouza
    January 18, 2020

    The more I go through the blogs on Proteen, the more insights I collect. Proteen really helps put you at ease knowing there are other people who are going through the same confusion as you and also offer advice on how to tackle it. Choosing a career is one of the biggest decisions in a student’s life. And I believe it should be made with the influence of friends or parents. That said, your parents need to be a part of the decision making as they can guide you from their experience on whether the option is right or not. Having a counsellor present would also prove beneficial.

  • Inthiyaz Ahmad
    December 11, 2019

    Dilemma surrounding the career is really true. Nice article ?.

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