by Srishti Gulati

Hubbub Over Career

Passion over career

What is my real passion ? If my grades/marks are low then how will I get my dreams come true? Should my career choice be realistic? I like both math and history, then what should be my main field? How will I make my parents understand that I want to be an actor?

From the moment you start wondering – “What you want to be?”, these questions surround you. Then you contemplate a lot, take advice too and reach a conclusion and find some peace with the answer. Then someone else gives you a completely different advice and you start doubting yourself all over again. At one point, there is so much confusion that whenever someone asks “What you want to be?” –  you just end up saying “I don’t know!”.

And somehow if you are able to get settled in one academic course, while studying that course – suddenly a thought starts bugging you that it is not meant for you. Then you start questioning yourselves that perhaps was this a wrong decision? And most importantly how do I now correct this mistake?

It is not easy to decide what you want to be. There are so many career options, so many things you want to do in life, that deciding one over other is a really difficult choice. While sometimes you are not able to understand yourself, sometimes your parents are not willing to. Therefore, at such times an expert advice seems the only way possible.

Let us take an example. There is a girl named Sia. When she was going through this phase, to choose what stream in class 11, she was confused between science stream as medical and non-medical. One day she will say non-medical to be an engineer and on the other, medical to be a doctor. Also, her parents said doctor is a good profession for a girl while some other relatives advised them that engineering is quite popular. She thought she was the only one so much confused since rest of her friends had already decided what they wanted to do. To end this dilemma, she went to her school counsellor. The school counsellor advised Sia not to get anxious so much about this. There are so many career options available these days that she does not have to chose between merely common choices. Then she took a logic test with her and from the result, it turned out Sia is actually good in languages.

But she had no idea about this field, never even heard of it though it was true, she loved learning about languages so much. Also, she had no idea how to convince her parents. When she expressed her fear, the counsellor said she will talk to her parents. Hence, counsellor called a meeting with all the parents, including hers. She also invited a professional counselling company to help all children, not just Sia.

In that session the school counsellor along with professional counsellor told everyone that there is plethora of options available in this world, and how to chose which one is best for you. They also explained what kind of personality is suited for which course. There Sia also learnt that since she liked languages, she could learn and master any language and become a translator or even she could master language or linguistics itself as a course itself!

There they gave a proper guideline that which stream is a wiser choice, what course she should take for under-graduation, and they also calmed the fears of her parents, explaining them that she could have a bright future in this field. Years later, Sia became a linguistic professor in a renowned college, making her parents proud and herself happy.

Telling, you the truth, example of Sia is not fictional. If someone is guided right about his/her career rightly, they end up being the best in their field. But this does not happen most of the times.

We all nurture a beautiful dream job in our mind. And we try our best to achieve it too but because there is no one to guide us, we don’t get what we want and being disappointed and hurt, we give up. There is no reason to stop believing in your dreams, after all its an old saying, “what you dream, you can achieve.” What we need is an effective planning.

And ProTeen is one of those platforms which can help you plan how to approach your dreams. Why should you suffer when you could get a solution to problem? If you know the what are you strong and weak areas, you could work on them and indeed you would get to know what is the best place to start. The tests are absolutely free to know what kind person you are and what kind of career is best for you.

In the end I would like to say that career confusion comes in every mind, but getting a solution is way easier than you think. #ThankYouProTeen

Author – Srishti Gulati


  • sanskriti savaran singh
    January 24, 2020

    Story of every student’s life. God, when will parents learn? Luckily the younger generations are becoming smart and making the decision on their own.

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