by Ashutosh Maharana

Being Someone Should Be A Matter Of Choice!


Matter of Choice

Choices! When we are young it never matters. Whatever silly choices we make have no impact on our life. However, as time moves on and we grow up, bad choices can ruin us in ways that there is no going back.

Our society is a strange place where people love to watch cricketers and footballers. We celebrate when athletes win trophies and medals for us. Yet no parent wants their own child to be like one of them! When I say “No parent” – well I am speaking about the majority of them I know. Similarly, people love to watch movies but no one wants their children to be an actor or an actress. You can therefore argue about why we have such a huge Bollywood industry full of actors and actresses or a great team of athletes and sportsmen and sportswomen?

When we used to be kids, some of us may have wanted to be an Astronaut or a Pilot or Footballer or anything else but when we grew up we have limited options to choose from, most precisely a Doctor or an Engineer! The problem is that as per our society –  we have limited “ideal” career choices, despite the real world having a lot of different careers to choose from.

The thing is that we as students do not have proper career counselling during our school days. No SIR! No school helps you to choose a career as per your skills, they are not bothered about it. They just want that good overall passing average of students to show off. When we go for higher studies, we then find that there are a lot of career paths to take which we have never heard of earlier. Our mind gets confused on what subjects to choose or what major to take.

Suppose you got past that some how, you then end up getting into a job in which you have no interest. What happens next is that you get drained and bored and frustrated. Only then do you start thinking about what you have done in life,  maybe you quit the job and then you start to look back and cry upon your mistakes and you start asking yourself “Why did I choose this path for myself?”

This is where ProTeen comes to the rescue of millions of students like us. For example I came across a tagline at ProTeen on the social media pages that said “Turn Your Hobby Into Your Profession”! Basically what ProTeen does is to help the confused minds to settle down and choose the right subjects or career in life. It’s just like “sab try karo phir sahi chuno”! With ProTeen’s gamified mobile and web experience you can get a feel about how it really works for your individuality in different professions so that you can decide if it is the right one for you or otherwise. ProTeen not only helps you to choose the right career but also helps you to get connected to relevant internships and colleges that will propel you towards your dreams.

So what are you waiting for ? Sign-up and experience the virtual career counselling here at ProTeen. It’s free!

Author – Ashutosh Maharana



  • Donald Solanki
    January 27, 2020

    Who you are determines what you become.

    January 21, 2020

    A strong message is confirmed. Love the style of writing.

  • Bhargav Maradana
    January 21, 2020

    Your points can Almost everyone can relate , wonderful article .

  • Dipriya Karmokar
    December 11, 2019

    Your title is very apt ‘ Being someone should be a matter of choice ‘. We are so busy in role playing that we forget who we actually are.

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