by Sakchi Khandelwal

Be the shepherd, not the sheep!

When I was in my high school, the doubt of choosing a significant path always bothered me. It’s not only a serious issue but also something on which our future remains.

Not we all get a career guide, so it’s important to think not once, twice, but a dozen times before choosing a path. But where to start from? How to know what’s the perfect path or profession for us?

If we look stream-wise, there are the same roughed beats. Why not think to be different? Something which grabs our own interests than those paths jam-packed with other sheep. Somewhere, where there’s an opportunity, a bright scope.

Many of us get burdened by our parents to choose a profession in which we are not interested. And in between choosing between two professions we end up doing a blunder to our future which we regret later on.

Talking about a virtual career guide, we all struggle to find our answers on various types of sites but still remain confused. Why not give our queries to an excellent trusted pathfinding site? ProTeen Life!

Yes! ProTeen Life not only gives you an in-depth concept of 550+ professions but also gives insights into 25+ associated threads like academics, skills, subjects and many more.

ProTeen is a gamified platform where students can self discover inspiring careers for their future.

How to start? How to add ProTeen in your career? Start with logging in. You can easily log in with your email ID or with your Facebook ID or Gmail ID.

The second step is to build your profile. You’ll see that three stages named “Profile Builder” is on the right side of your dashboard. PROMISE(ProTeen’s Multiple Intelligences Synthesis Engine) reveals your individuality through gaining access to your interests and strengths. PROMISE also give career suggestions for you to think, and move forward. You are rewarded with points and can also have ProCoins through which you can explore careers.

With a quite interest way ProTeen takeout the hidden talent of a student through making students competing with each other in kind of professions.

There you’ll also get an Academic Tracker which keeps a record of your progress and performance on different subjects based on your academic score or grade. Whereas Goal Tracker helps to figure out different careers suiting according to your favourite subjects (max. 4) as well as several kinds of professions according to the subject’s proficiency.

ProTeen also helps in finding the top suitable and relevant colleges based on your academic stream relevant to the chosen career.

So now students don’t have to worry about their career selection because their bright future is ready to get flourished through ProTeen. It’s essential to be focused and determined, no matter what others say. You’ll fall, but don’t forget to get up. Self-discover your ability and unlock your golden tomorrow because you want to be the shepherd, not the sheep.

Author – Sakchi Khandelwal


  • sanskriti savaran singh
    January 28, 2020

    The title attracted me towards the article and it was worth it.

  • Sandeep Ahirwar
    January 22, 2020

    Proteen is one of the best site to get deep knowledge about the multiple career options. It is the best career guide for students.

  • Bhargav Maradana
    January 21, 2020

    It’s so satisfying to know that ProTeen is doing such a great job providing students an option to explore about their passion.

  • Dipriya Karmokar
    December 11, 2019

    I liked the title. It influences us to not be a follower. Kudos to Proteen for doing such a great job !

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