by Ashok Devasani

A Way To Your Bright Future

Finding your career won’t be cumbersome!

Confused about your career. Not finding any way for your future. Facing challenges to take a decision. Well, guys, this is the situation everyone experience in their life often during teenage. After finishing the school life students often find difficulties in choosing a good career part. It is the beginning of the independent life for millions of school graduates. There are plenty of ways open before them and that is where they find difficulties. Thousands of questions run in their mind. They go through a lot of confusion and challenges.

What is my passion? Which stream should I choose? Will my dreams come true? What should I do to achieve my goals? What if my grades are not sufficient for choosing my stream? Will my parents accept my decision? Many such things run in your mind, right. Some might be thinking about what my friends will do should I go with them or find my own path. Buddy, it’s your life your future and should be your own decision.

Choosing your career is building your future, building your future is making your life and making your life is to live in. Facing challenges, choosing your passion, which stream to select and blah blah blah.. thinking all these things sometimes goes a bouncer on your head. You ask your parents, take someone’s guidance, make some decision and someone again tells you some other things and you wind up coming to the same confused situation. It goes on like this.

Indeed it is not an easy task to select their career from thousand of opportunities available today. That’s why choosing a good career becomes one of the major questions for students and teenagers. Some people easily make decisions about what to do in life, some find it extremely difficult. Some of them make their career goals and go according to it. They are very clear in their life. Some find it difficult to understand what they really want to do, hat are their strengths, their skills and thus faces a lot of challenges in such situations.

Making a good decision could be a cumbersome task but is really not when you do it in a proper way. What if I tell you there’s something that can do this for you. Yes, there is one thing that is purely designed to help you out in such tough situations. No more such problems will arrive to you if you make your decisions with a help of an expert companion. Well, guys, that’s what ProTeen is. ProTeen is one such expert companion app which will really help you to succeed in your life. It helps you with providing the best opportunities that fits you. You can even upload and track your academic progress, you can also join the chat groups to share your views.

Let’s so go deeper into what ProTeen actually does and how it will help you. ProTeen is basically a gamified application and a web page which navigates you through the world of career paths and academics. You can connect with your parents, teachers and friends to share you decisions and take guidance. It also enables you to connect with internships, scholarships and sponsorship’s to achieve your dreams. So connect with ProTeen and give yourself a good career by sitting at your own space.

ProTeen – a confident way to your bright future

ProTeen is something that really helps you in your toughest situations. It has all the potential to guide you for your career choice and future plans. It has a wide range of opportunities which help to choose a career that really suits you. Generally, ProTeen is an app and a web page in a gamified way to help you navigate through the world of career and academics and gives you the best choice based on your skills, strength etc. With having a wide range of opportunities it enables you to connect with internships, scholarships and sponsorships to accomplish your dreams. It also connects you with your parents, teachers and others too where you can share your decisions and get their guidance.

How to get connected with ProTeen?

All you have to do is just log in into the app or website with your IDs. Go on building your profile by adding you interest, skills and many more. As you profile goes on building you unlock different opportunities and Proteen does its actual work of providing you the best opportunity that actually suits you. You can upload and track your academics and can join chat groups to discuss your issues.

So guys that’s how ProTeen is build to help you choose a good career and all you just have to do is get connected to ProTeen at your own space and let ProTeen do its work.

Author – Ashok Devasani


    January 20, 2020

    Nice ideas but place Question marks whever needed.

  • Inthiyaz Ahmad
    December 11, 2019

    If your and your parent’s opinions on career are same then it will be easy. Or else it may be tough to convince them.

  • Maryam
    December 11, 2019

    Brilliant write up

  • Aniket
    December 4, 2019


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